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    Bosu Baby!

    Whatever direction Cathe will take for her next project will be awesome because she is a challenging, dedicated and CONSISTENT instructor. However I do have one suggestion and that would be to include a Bosu workout in her next series. Balance and functional exercise should be a part of any...
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    Cathe - Desparate for Help!!

    I just tried on an awesome pair of boots, knee high, high heel - Love them, Love them. I know it sounds crazy, but I haven't been able to wear high heels since I was a teenager due to weight issues. Now that I've lost over 100 lbs., I love to wear heels. Here's the problem, many of the...
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    I have struggled with my weight for my entire life (I am soon to be 48 years old). After numerous diets (I have lost and gained the same 50 lbs at least a 1,000 times), endless, boring cardio routines that hurt my back and knees due to the excessive amount of weight that I was carrying around -...
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    Bump it up

    I'd like to see a Circuit workout with the same level of difficulty (if not more) as the STS program. Perhaps another STS strength program taking it up another notch! I'd also like to see a workout using all plyometric moves - those plyos develop awesome strenth and muscle tone to the legs...
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    Please Help!

    I am so discouraged! I am recovering from the worst bout of flu I've ever had! It started out as a cold, I kept working out, ignoring it. I ended up with a fever of 102 for about 3 days - so sick I could not get up to go to the docs. It ended up as pneumonia, and obviously, I can't work out...