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  1. spyrosmom

    Possible cancel?

    With Covid 19, things are changing daily. July is a long way off, and I'm hoping we are all free to go about normal life by then. I know things are changing by the day, and I assume for now the RT is still on. Is there a date that the call will be made to cancel? Thanks!
  2. spyrosmom

    Data breach?

    When I logged into the Workout Manager just a few moments ago, Chrome suggested a password change due to a site data breach. I last logged into the WM via Safari on my phone yesterday and it didn't do that. Was there a data breach? Do we know what, if anything, was exposed?
  3. spyrosmom

    Workout Manager Down?

    Hi, It looks the like WM is down. I get a white screen with An exception occurred: String could not be parsed as XML in /www/sites/ on line 82 SimpleXMLElement->__construct() in...
  4. spyrosmom

    WM not posting to Facebook

    Hi!! Since Friday last Friday, May 1st, I've noticed the workouts marked as complete aren't posting onto FB. Also the WM is not keeping me logged into FB, which it usually does. I've tried it from work which is Windows Vista on both Explorer and Chrome, from home which is Windows 8.1 and...
  5. spyrosmom


    I did Lift It Hiit It Legs Thursday night. My butt still hurts!!! I love, love, love, loved it!!!!! I love leg day, but I really like the legs mixed with cardio. This is a new favorite!!! Nan
  6. spyrosmom

    Online degrees

    I don't post much anymore, mostly lurk. But I think I'm finally ready to go back to school. I graduated HS in 1996 did 2 years as pre-med biology major 1996-1998 quite because my mom passed away and family issues. I've worked since then and have been doing ok career-wise. I've been at my...
  7. spyrosmom

    Who's arriving Thursday night?

    Just curious as to who, if anyone, is getting in on Thursday night? Our plan is to hit Cayhoga Falls in OH, on Weds, then Thursday check out some Christmas store between there and Glassboro, and then arrive late Thursday afternoon. Anyone else? Nan
  8. spyrosmom

    Packing list?

    For newbie, what do I need to bring? My lovely self, obviously :eek::), and what else? Or how many sets of workout clothes? Thanks! Nan
  9. spyrosmom

    Spending money? How much?

    Ok, so realistically, how much extra spending, fun time, cash do I need to bring. What am I going to have to buy or regret forever that I didn't buy it? We're making this part of a family vacation, and I've got the rest figured out, spending wise, but how much am I going to drop in Cathe land? Nan
  10. spyrosmom

    ITB issues/surgery?

    The quick back story, I'm a runner. Medium-high mileage, probably 20-40 a week, sometimes 50 or 60. I trained for 3 marathons last year, but only ran 2 as one was cancelled due to weather. I thought the weather was ok to run, but that's another rant. I had a marathon last weekend, so started...
  11. spyrosmom

    STS Total Body workout card

    It's all out of order today. I added it last night from the May 2012 STS/LIS rotation. Exercises are repeated and way out of order/out of grouping. Can you take a look? Thanks! Nan
  12. spyrosmom

    X10 X77

    Ah, I couldn't help it. Curiosity got the best of me yesterday :p Loved it. That is a tough one, though. It's more cardio than weights, and I'm not sure I would count the weight work as "weight work", if that makes any sense. Although, after all the hopping and the bopping, and the huffing and...
  13. spyrosmom

    Measuring cooked grains/pasta/rice

    Ok I give up! What the heck is a serving of cooked grains/pasta/oats/quinoa/rice, etc. All those dang things that give a dry serving size on the container, but not a cooked one. Obviously the cooking water adds 0 cals, but they swell up, so the cooked serving is bigger than the dry. Since I...
  14. spyrosmom

    St. Jude's Marathon

    Hi Everyone!!! SNM - if you want to delete this post, that's fine!!! I will be running my 3rd marathon this year in December to support a fellow Cathlete through her first half marathon. I am also raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. If you can donate anything, it would be...
  15. spyrosmom

    Not showing in WM?

    The new DVD's don't show in the WM calendar? They come up on the side, and I can mark them as complete, but they don't show in the calendar. I'm running Firefox 17.0.1 at home, and it doesn't show. I also have Explorer 9 at home, and they show there. I can also see them on my phone (Safari)...
  16. spyrosmom

    Standing legs vs floor legs

    I can squat, lunge, plyo, and all that jazz til the cows come home, with heavy weights. However, eight reps into any floor work with no or just 2lb ankle weights and I'm begging for mercy. Barre work, too. What gives? What am I missing here, besides that I obviously need to do more floor...
  17. spyrosmom

    Vote please?

    Or ignore me :p Either way is fine. I don't post here too often anymore, I'm mostly on FB. My DH is trying to win a flower photography contest on FB, the prize is a garden center gift card. If you have sec, could you vote for his magnolia picture, please? Thanks!! Offerpop on Facebook |...
  18. spyrosmom


    Not sure where else to ask. This week and last week, I didn't get a news letter. Checked my junk and spam, as well, but it's not there. I thought maybe I unsubscribed by accident, but went to subscribe again, and it says I already am. How do I get my stuff back? Help! Nan
  19. spyrosmom

    Slide and Glide - hard on knees

    I'll admit to having creaky cracky knees, but I've gotten to the point where most of the time they don't bother me. They've rehabbed nicely, but Slide and Glide hurts and aches for days!! I've done it twice, and the same thing. Running, Intensity, IMAXes, and heavy leg weight work don't hurt...
  20. spyrosmom

    1st marathon next weekend-Eek!

    Hey everyone! I don't post up here as often as I used to, I'm normally over on FB, but I still lurk here and post now and again. But I figured I'd share since my fitness journey really started with Cathe. I bit the bullet last winter and registered for my 1st marathon - Chicago. Started...