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  1. Gibbee

    Skipping in OnDemand Fit Split Push only premix

    In FS Push only premix the OnDemand skips the second set of bench press and flys... please watch it. I’m just now trying to do the workout and it is frustrating. I thought maybe there was some new program option to FF but no, it completely skips those exercises... looks like it will play but...
  2. Gibbee

    Music Question - Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body

    Does anyone know what the 'song' or tune is that plays during the biceps band work? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Gibbee

    Lack of premixes

    Just wondering why some of the ondemand videos lack the premixes available on DVD? For example, STS Total Body main workout (68 min) has no premixes associated with it. This isn't the only workout like that. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Gibbee

    Viewing rotations in Workout Manager

    Would someone please tell me how I can 'see' a rotation in workout manager without downloading it into my calendar? There are some really neat-sounding rotations I would like to look at, but how can I do JUST that.... Look at a rotation at a 10,000' view, not dumping it into my calendar. If...
  5. Gibbee

    Moving around a video in OnDemand on a laptop

    Color me confused... In the past I have only used my nook with downloads to exercise (no streaming) with Cathe. This time I am trying to use OnDemand and Live on my laptop. Today I was using OnDemand and I can't get it to let me go to specific chapters of a workout. For example, I was doing...
  6. Gibbee

    Hair Dye Allergic reaction - anyone else ever have this happen?

    I have highlights put in my hair about every 10 weeks and back in early April I developed what I thought was a burn from my highlights. It got better but didn't fully go away. About 10 weeks later I had another round and it happened again. During this second round I also had a reaction to...
  7. Gibbee

    Jen Sinkler's Lift Weights Faster

    Has anyone tried Jen Sinkler's Lift Weights Faster paper program? Kind of curious about it.
  8. Gibbee

    Getting excited for Chicago 2014!

    Looking back at Chicago 2012... and getting excited for 2014!! Chicago Road Trip 2012 - YouTube
  9. Gibbee

    Music for stretch segment - Afterburn

    Cathe Do you know what the music is for the stretch segment in Afterburn? I really enjoy it. Thanks for your help! Gibbee
  10. Gibbee

    STS Disk Times

    Never mind! I found it! Thanks anyway!
  11. Gibbee

    Jillian's Whey Protein Mix / Vanilla Cream

    Has anyone seen any of Jillian Michael's Whey Protein Mix anywhere? I really like her Vanilla Cream flavor and have not been able to find it for almost 2 months now. It's not even available at If not, is there a vanillla cream protein mix that you would recommend I try? I...
  12. Gibbee

    FitnessFreak - Did you get X-Train?

    FitnessFreak Did you get X-Train? Are you going to try one of the rotations Cathe has provided or are you going to develop one (or more) on your own? If so, would you please share them with us? Thanks!
  13. Gibbee

    MET-Rx 180 with Frank Sepe

    Has anyone here checked out the MET-Rx 180 set that features Frank Sepe? I keep being drawn to this and Body Beast because I like weight lifting and they look like possible STS-2 type workouts. Any thoughts? Reviews? Thanks!
  14. Gibbee

    Cathe: How do I mix metabolic workouts w/traditional weights?

    Cathe HI! Quick question for you: How can I best incorporate metabolic workouts (like Afterburn or like Athletic Training, Cardio Supersets, etc.) with traditional weight training? I love training with weights (STS, Slow & Heavy, Gym Styles, etc.) and am curious how to plug in these other...
  15. Gibbee

    Has anyone had surgery for impingement OR for removal of bone spurs in the shoulder?

    I am wondering if anyone here has had any type of surgery for the relief of impingement syndrome in the shoulder including the removal of a subacromial bone spur? (subacromial decompression) I recently had an MRI that indicates impingement syndrome with possible partial tears and the dr...
  16. Gibbee

    STS.... in reverse?

    Has anyone done STS in reverse... starting out with M3 and working backwards? Just wondering - not sure what made me think to ask the question, but what the heck?
  17. Gibbee

    Downloads - can you play them on a PSP?

    Can you play downloads on a Sony PSP? If so, how do you do that? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  18. Gibbee

    What Cathe series or rotation is your plateau buster?

    What Cathe series or rotation is your plateau buster? In other words, what do you do when things kind of reach a plateau or you are feeling like you need a change, what Cathe series (or rotation) do you turn to or return to in order to change things up?
  19. Gibbee

    SNM or Cathe: Disk 15 Worksheet - two lines missing

    SNM or Cathe - On the STS Disk 15 (Back & Biceps) worksheet, the barbell deadlifts and the preacher curl are both missing the line for the 8 rep set for each exercise. Thanks! Gibbee
  20. Gibbee

    Two suggestions

    Cathe - Two quick video suggestions... Power Hour 2 A compound movement weight video (circuit type I guess, I'm not sure - I'm sure you can come up with something!) using dumbbells. Gibbee