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  1. plarsen

    Lauren Brooks Ultimate Body Sculpt Volute 2 Kettlebell DVD

    Just received this in the mail today and am previewing. It looks GREAT. There are three follow-along workouts along with the warmup and cool down stretch segment. This DVD is much more intense than her first one. It is definitely for more experienced KB-ers. I can't wait to try it. I know...
  2. plarsen

    Good Job Cathe!!

    Cathe, you did great and looked awesome on QVC this morning. I thought Jai and Lorraine did a great job as well. Keep up the GREAT work.
  3. plarsen


    Cathe, I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are. I discovered you about a year ago and have to say I LOVE your weight workouts. I'm not good at step at all, but have been trying. I am coming to the August RT and cannot wait to meet you in person. I am sooooo excited and a little nervous.
  4. plarsen

    Barry's Boot Camp

    Anybody tried this?
  5. plarsen

    Step workout

    Any suggestions for one of cathe's step dvds for beginners. Thanks
  6. plarsen

    Plateau breaker

    I FINALLY broke a plateau. I attribute it to cardio coach. Thanks to everyone on the forums who commented about CC.
  7. plarsen

    Any August RTers from South Dakota

    Just wondering if anyone from south dakota here.
  8. plarsen


    I am making a nutrition plan and exercise plan for a friend of mine and would like some suggestions for motivational sayings. I saw one I really liked in Women's Health magazine that says, "If you don't focus on your ass no one else will." Does anybody else have some good ones. Thanks.
  9. plarsen


    The pictures are great and I have to say everyone looks great. I can tell a difference in everyone's muscle definition. I do have to say; however, that Cedie looks INCREDIBLE. Keep up the good work everyone. I am so excited for this new program. I can't wait. Take care every one and stay...