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    RWH modification question

    Wow, I am finding the RWH strength DVDs *very* challenging! I'm definitely going to be modifying them for quite some time. Just curious whether I should prioritize weight or number of reps? So far, I've been doing the premixes with 2 sets *and* lowering the weights to match. I wonder if I'd get...
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    CrossFire and To The Max Premixes?

    Just curious if anyone does the CF or TTM premixes? I did the July 2012 rotation with a combo of those two three times a week, and it about killed me! I would love to incorporate them like in the April 2013 rotation, but I just cannot face the thought of doing the whole DVD - like maybe ever...
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    Afterburn - funny comment from my DD

    My 10-yo DD walked into the living room as I finished Afterburn this morning. I was a sweaty panting mess, of course! Cathe must have said something about smiling, because my DD harumphed, "Well, they're all smiling because they're under contract!" :D I laughed and said, "No, baby, I'm sure...
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    Red Solo Cup

    I'm not a Toby Keith fan, but this song keeps running through my head when I do the Dixie cup drills in LIS! I'm a good little girl and use the Dixies, but sure wish I were using the big Red Solo Cup instead, LOL! :o The song started playing in my head again when I read Cathe's preview of the...