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    Upper Body Sculpt in DVD list

    Hi, There's a workout called just "Upper Body Sculpt" in the DVD list in the Workout Manager. What DVD does this correspond to? I'm not seeing anything that matches that particular chapter list, but I would like to find this workout. Thanks.
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    Import never completes...

    When I try to import any videos, the "Importing Your Cathe Video..." popup comes up, but the import never completes. This is happening with any of my Cathe videos. I'm running this on a quad-core Mac Pro, 4GB RAM, with Snow Leopard 10.6.4, and terabytes of free space on my disk.
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    STS Discount Bundle in Digital Downloads

    Hi - I was wondering if the STS Discount Bundle in the Digital Downloads includes the STS Extended Stretch and the STS Abs Circuits videos? Or is it just the 40 main STS disks? thanks! Linda
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    Reebok Weight Plates

    So I think I waited too long to fill out my Troy barbell set with some of the Reebok plates from Target. I went to my local Target today and they don't seem to carry the Reebok (or any other) plates any longer. Does anyone know where I might be able to find Reebok weight plates? Thanks...