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  1. auntiebev

    Attention RT'ers

    As some of you may know, there are several Cathletes that are currently struggling with or recovering from cancer and some have asked how we could pay tribute to those courageous women during the RT. Since we want to honor all of our fellow Cathletes or their family member that could be...
  2. auntiebev

    Anybody else with #40?

    I still haven't received a confirmation email so I'm wondering if I screwed up. Does anybody else have invoice #40? I emailed customer service but haven't heard back. I feel so stupid. Bev
  3. auntiebev

    email confirmation?

    Has anyone received an email confirmation yet? I was so nervous that I got out of the invoice screen and I didn't look to see what my number was! I'm going nuts waiting to hear. Bev
  4. auntiebev

    For Fitness Freak

    Ok I just got done doing Gym Style Legs. HOLY RIP!!! My legs were shaking so bad doing those slow motion lunges that I didn't know if I could do all of them. Great workout and I love it. Thanks so much for recommending it. I think I'll be enjoying Stretch Max this afternoon. So now I have...
  5. auntiebev

    To Fitness Freak

    Just wanted to thank you for your advice on Gym Style Legs. I ordered it yesterday along with my preorder for STS. How often do you work your legs? I wasn't sure if I should work them more than once a week since I do 3 days of cardio which is usually kickboxing or step. Would 2 days of...
  6. auntiebev

    Questions for Fitness Freak

    I have been reading all of your posts and am extremely motivated by them and appreciate all of the advice that you give to the rest of us! In fact I changed my preworkout and postworkout snacks around last week because of one of your posts and was amazed by how much better I felt the rest of...
  7. auntiebev

    Working out after food poisoning

    I had a case of food poisoning over the weekend but don't feel too bad today. I'm wondering if it would be wise to try to work out today or not. Anybody else ever had it and regretted working out too soon???? Bev
  8. auntiebev

    BSN Dessert protein question

    After reading about the dessert pudding on this forum, I finally ordered some and bought a Magic Bullet. Can you tell me how you make it so that it has the consistency of pudding? And do you use milk or water? I just noticed that skim milk has 11 grams of sugar!!! Bev
  9. auntiebev

    Injured and miserable

    Hi Cathe, I am new to the forum part of your website but have been doing your workouts for about 5 years now and am totally in love with all of them. However, I somehow tore or sprained my calf muscle back in March and have not been able to do any cardio since then. I just had an MRI and...