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  1. jolene_hajj

    Will there be webcast replays of the RT?!

    I'm dying to watch what we all looked like...especially the uh, dancing on Saturday night (heehee!) and all of our workouts!!! Just curious if they will be replayed at some point? :)
  2. jolene_hajj

    Cathe - what do you think of this NYT article? Personally, I think it's a bunch of crap ;-) The article talks about how exercise is often "oversold" in terms of health benefits - couldn't be further from the truth, in my opinion. And, the article has some (what I...
  3. jolene_hajj

    Road Trip promo video from YouTube

    Did anyone watch it yet?! OMG I just had a HUGE GRIN on my face watching that video and remembering and LOVING every second of it last summer!! My sister Jess and I are in the video, right in the beginning, saying we're from Boston. Woohoo :) :D
  4. jolene_hajj

    Whoa - Meso 1 way harder than I remember!

    Started STS over again today - doing a 6 monther this time around. I STUPIDLY thought Meso 1 would be easier now that we've gone through all the cycles but boy was I wrong!! I was DYING! It was way harder than I remember! I LOVED it though. This is what I love about STS - it feels brand spankin...
  5. jolene_hajj

    Was meso 3 disk 34 supposed to be 85% 1RM?

    I did disk 34 today - the last chest/back DVD in meso 3/week 4 - and was sort of confused by it being 8 reps at 85% 1 RM. Shouldn't it have been 90% or so since it's the last chest/back DVD in this cycle, and should be the heaviest? My workout card was right and HEAVY, but just confused? Did I...
  6. jolene_hajj

    Whose bright idea were those one legged squat thrusts in Meso 3 plyo legs?!

    Three guesses and the first two don't count ;-) I could hear Cathe's giddiness in disk 32 (meso 3 - week 3 - plyo legs) as she set up the one legged thrusts! Those were absolutely killer and my right leg was definitely my weaker leg! Though I am "complaining" about them as they were tough, I was...
  7. jolene_hajj

    Done with Meso 2 - anyone else?

    Just finished last disk in meso 2 this morning - WOW, bicep moves were killer. Definitely working for those tickets to the gun show ;-) I am looking forward to meso 3, but a little scared of those plyo leg moves! I want to get a squat rack, but haven't yet, so I am going the plyo route this...
  8. jolene_hajj

    Question on Workout Manager - calories burned?

    Just a quick question - when the new version of the Workout Manager came out, the stats changed, and we can no longer see how many calories burned in a week, just overall or by each workout (or maybe I am looking in the wrong spot?) - are there any plans to alter any of the stats so we can see...
  9. jolene_hajj

    Disk 20 gave me "shiny shoulders!"

    Wow, disk 20/legs in Meso 2 was KILLER TODAY! I usually wear a tank top and pants, but I wore my Cathe RT shirt from last year's RT which is short sleeved and I soaked right through it!! If I were wearing a tank top, I would have definitely had "shiny shoulders" as Cathe always says in this...
  10. jolene_hajj

    Petitioning for a Sunday AM class!

    I'm starting a petition for a Sunday AM class at this year's RT (even if that means an unofficial one!)...who's with me?! :) I completely understand if our suggestion at adding a Sunday AM class (since they've replaced it with a Friday PM class) is too taxing on the crew, sooooo, if that's the...
  11. jolene_hajj

    Done with Meso 1!!

    I finished Meso 1 this morning and am heading into my one week off/cardio week. I must say, this is a fantastic workout and I have never seen results faster than I have seen with STS! I am amazed because I have always worked out pretty hard and have been frustrated with limited results. Already...
  12. jolene_hajj

    Cathe - sending an SOS for my triceps!

    Hey Cathe, I am sending a DESPERATE SOS for help with my triceps. I work them out hard several times a week, working different angles and can never seem to get them to be more defined (believe me, I drool over your tri's in every workout I do!! So jealous - my husband thinks I am crazy!). Any...