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  1. Jesse1

    Boss Bands & Loops Series Music

    Hi Everyone, Hope all of you are enjoying the holidays as well as keeping the muscles and bones lean and jolly! Here is the song list from the Boss Bands & Loops Series. All of the music is from Yes! Fitness Music and most of the mixes can be found on the Pre-mix website. Boss Bands Total Body...
  2. Jesse1

    PERFECT 30 Series Music

    Hi Everyone. I hope everyone is staying well and safe due to the unprecedented pandemic that we are still facing and of course, keeping the muscles and bones on fire. ;) Here is all of the music from the Perfect 30 series. All of the songs were from Yes! Fitness Music. Some are from premade...
  3. Jesse1

    Music From The Step Boss Series

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for the longest wait. It was a bit tedious to identify as many tunes as possible as well as waiting for the song lists to be sent via email. Other than that, I've got them all down. All of the songs were from Yes! Fitness Music so you can craft your custom mix exactly the way...
  4. Jesse1

    Music From LITE Series

    Hello Everybody, FINALLY! I've got the song list from the LITE Series. It was lots of work, time, and effort but it was worth it in the end! I had to call both Yes Fitness Music & DJ Brian Howe for the song lists, listen to each song, and verify it to ensure that this it was the correct tune...
  5. Jesse1

    Music From FIT SPLIT Series

    Hello Every0ne. Here are the song lists from all of the FIT SPLIT series for those of you who love the music, especially me, by DJ Brian Howe. Identifying all of the songs was quick and painless. FIT SPLIT – Boxing Bootcamp & Legs & Glutes Angel Beat Beam (Vocal) Bass Attack (Instrumental)...
  6. Jesse1

    Music From Fit Tower Advanced Series

    For those of you guys who love the music from the new Fit Tower Advanced Series, here is the song list. FIT TOWER – Advanced – Boot Camp 1. Amazing (Druce Remix) – Stroke 69 2. Watch Out (Marco Martani & Dj Cento Remix) – Des3 Ett 3. Can You Feel It? (Original Mix) – Raf Marchesini & Karim...
  7. Jesse1

    5th song in IMAX 3

    I know most of the songs in IMAX 3 such as Tainted love, catch me I'm falling, human nature, you give love a bad name, then the sixth through the ninth song are Maid of Orleans, hypnotic tango, this is your night, and bizarre love triangle. The only song I am trying to find is the fifth song in...
  8. Jesse1

    Stretch song in Intensity and High Reps

    What is the name of the stretch song in Intensity and the name of the stretch song in High Reps. I really love those stretch songs. I think one of them was by Doug Laurent. Thank you.:)
  9. Jesse1

    Imax 3 Song

    Does anyone know the fifth song to Imax 3? I really love that song and it usually plays that one in the intro. I even can't understand the lyrics. Thank you.