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  1. katie lee

    My April Rotation

    I checked Cathe’s April rotation but there are many DVD’s I do not own so I decided to repeat my Feb. rotation Lite/Strong & Sweaty. Today was Cardio Slam, a workout so intense for me, it had a dread factor. But today, I did that workout and I enjoyed it! It was still tough and I had to pause...
  2. katie lee

    Lite/Strong & Sweaty rotation

    I am loving this rotation! Just did S&S boot camp today. My fav compound exercise of all time is in the 6th round. Pull overs with leg extensions and flys with leg extensions. Makes me feel so strong in my core. I haven’t used S&S much, truthfully, I was a bit intimidated, but the more I do...
  3. katie lee

    Starting fresh

    I have returned from a three week holiday and although I walked considerably and only gained a pound or two, I know I have lost some muscle tone and endurance. I have decided to start ICE rotation at level one. I might ramp it up in a couple weeks but for now this feels right.
  4. katie lee

    Think I've Learned a Lesson.

    Tuesday I did Ice Metabolic Total Body and while the weights are not heavy, I felt a twinge in the crook of my left elbow and I kept going. Then I felt popping on the inside and stopped my workout. Throughout the evening, the inside crook of my elbow tender and I did not have full extension or...
  5. katie lee

    Uplifting story

    I saw this video on FB today. 104 and so fit! What an inspiration. Posted wrong link earlier, just look how confident she walks.
  6. katie lee

    No Newsletter

    I have not received newsletter for past few weeks. I checked and not in junk mail. Would you please look into this?
  7. katie lee

    Cathe Newsletter

    I have not received the newsletter via email for the past few weeks. Is it just me? If so, I will contact customer service.
  8. katie lee

    Meals and Metabolism study

    Posted this by accident in STS forum. Interested in your thoughts on this topic.
  9. katie lee

    Meals and Metabolism study

    I posted this link earlier by accident in STS forum. Interested in your thoughts on this topic.
  10. katie lee

    Meals and Metabolism is Periodic fasting the answer?

    Came across this article and thought I would share...your thoughts? Maybe we need to keep our bodies guessing in more ways than exercise.
  11. katie lee

    Stretch from Butts & Guts

    B&G is one tough workout but the reward is the awesome stretch. The music and yoga moves work so well and are so relaxing. Once in a while it is just nice to lose yourself in a longer stretch. It is one of my fav workouts.
  12. katie lee

    RWH LIHI Legs premix 6 rocks!

    i did premix 6 for the first time today. Not only do I get a chance to catch my breath, I get to catch it by doing BOTH ab segments! Love this one to the moon and back.
  13. katie lee

    Put Stretch on main menu

    I have an idea for next DVD series. If there is not room for stretch segment after the workout why not put it on the main menu instead of having to search through all chapters. It would require a few less steps to find.
  14. katie lee

    RWH ABS 2

    This is probably the 5 th or 6 th time I've added Abs 2 Onto the HIIT or lift it workout but this is the first time I have been able to hold the Angel for as long as Cathe and crew. WHO HOO!! I am getting stronger. Loving RWH!
  15. katie lee

    Lifting Heavy

    I've been doing some research lately about heavy lifting. I'm talking women 5' 4" 130 lbs dead lifting 300lbs, bench pressing over 100 lbs. Does anyone on our forem lift like this? I usually try to follow Cathe's lead with weight same or a little less. I do not even own enough weight to attempt...
  16. katie lee

    Recommend rotation to lose last 8 to10 lbs?

    Cathe, I have a few more weeks and will be finished with Low impact/STS rotation. I am pleased with my results, I have lost about 6-7 lbs and gained a lot of cardio endurance. Would a rotation of HIIT and weights be a good idea?
  17. katie lee

    Feel Fit wear/swimsuit

    I finally ordered and received the Jacob capri from Feel Fit Wear. The fabric is fantastic, thick and stretchy. I will definately be getting the black capri next but I noticed they no longer offer this in a pant. Not sure why. Next on my list is a swim suit. I have been checking on line and like...
  18. katie lee

    Transformation rotation

    The only roatation I had ever tried before was STS and then I fudged on the cardio. I dreaded cardio because I could never keep up with Cathe & crew. First of Feburary I plug in this "Transformation Rotation" STS with the new low impact into my calendar. I have been faithful to this rotation and...
  19. katie lee

    Spinning in France

    I ran across this French commercial using spin bikes. Its funny but also suggestive so please don't have small children watching. Contrex - Ma Contrexpérience - 97s - YouTube.
  20. katie lee

    Recommend a Spin Bike Brand or two?

    I have never done spinning but I do have a road bike and hit the bike paths in the summer. Which brands should I look at or does anyone recommend I go with a Trainer for my road bike instead? Katie