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  1. seapd33

    shuttle bus, other info

    Bethany, looking forward to see you
  2. seapd33

    MUSIC for classes

    That would be cool, she has recently been having a DJ in her regular classes. Suzette
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    Ziploc Bags

    I have always used the gallon ziplock, and it all fits ( extra long pants shirt bra etc) It is in the folding Suzette
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    Download the FREE Glassboro Road Trip App

    I am sure there is a class at that time, we find out in a few days :eek: I am glad there is spinning:) Suzette
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    ONE WEEK, just 1 little week!

    I am going to start packing this weekend too
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    I had not planned on buying new clothes or shoes......oh well :D I am working on increasing endurance and might happen (still cannot to straight leg in progress) The hair goes downhill after the first workout and gets worn home in a ponytail I have...
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    afraid to take the plunge

    It took me a while before I took the plunge. It is easy, once you got the right cables. Just make sure you get the apple brand ( I learned the hard way). Suzette
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    New Jersey Cathlete Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other: A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) The above pic is 4 years old, need to update Name / Forum Name: Suzette /seapd33 Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) Previous Road Trips 2008, 2009...
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    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I was at work and recruited my sister to register me. She could not get on the website for 10 mins,then she entered my credit card # wrong and was getting error messages. I thought I was out, but I am #99. That's close:eek: Suzette
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    Join Us: Chicago 2012 Road Trip is On!

    Susan and Amanda glad that you both sign up, you will have a great time. My first RT was in Aug'08, and I felt the same way. You will both have a good time Suzette
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    Cannot see video

    ok, just returned from the apple store and plugged the HDMI cable to the AV cable and IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :). Thank you for your to finish IMAX3 Suzette
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    registration date incorrect in newsletter?

    I was so hoping it was Friday,I am working on Wednesday. I'll have to prep my sister again.
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    Cannot see video

    Thanks for responding Curt,I do have the iPhone 4S and that's the AV cable I bought, but the HDMI cable wasn't an apple brand. I ordered a HDMI cable and a composite cable from the apple store. I will pick it up tomorrow and see which one works Suzette
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    Cannot see video

    The AV Digital Cable is an Apple brand, but the HDMI cable is not an apple brand. When I called Apple support, they told me that I need Apple TV which I don't want to get . I will check the apple website for Apple brand HDMI cable and see if that works. This is my first download and I was so...
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    Cannot see video

    sorry if this has been asked before,but I purchased the AV adapter and the HDMI connector to watch the video on my TV from iphone. I could not see the video, only audio. Can someone help?????????? Suzette
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    January 2012 DOUBLE ROTATION

    Yikes!!!!:eek:Now I am regretting eating everything insight since thanksgiving. Thank you for posting Suzette
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    sweet, can't wait Suzette
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    Audition Application

    I e-mailed customer service about it on Monday and they stated that it has not been posted as yet, by next week we should hear something. Suzette
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    What fitness clothes do you want to see?

    I second that request Suzette