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  1. tralaiven

    Does anyone know where the Step Boss guide is?

    Does anyone know where the link is? I have looked for it....though not extensively. On the IMAX 4 dvd it says to go to for it. I did that but there was nothing there.....
  2. tralaiven

    when will Fit Split be in On Demand?

    Hi, I have not been on the forums in ages. Just wondering when/if Fit Split will be in On Demand??? Thanks
  3. tralaiven

    Best Pilates Dvd

    What is the best pilates dvd to get? I am not a pilates person, but I have a friend who is. She takes the really expensive Pilates classes but I would like to give her a very good Pilates DVD as a gift so that she can see that doing it at home is a viable option. Thanks for your help
  4. tralaiven

    Good Dumbbell/Workout Posters?

    Hi, So thankful to have my own workout room. But I would love to have some good dumbbell/lifting/plyo/workout posters to put on the walls. I have been looking online, but thought I would ask if anyone out there in Catheland has some good suggestions???? Thank you!!!
  5. tralaiven

    Your Opinion: Cathe's Best Lower Body Workout?

    Hi, I am doing a rotation that someone posted (I forget who) that is working really well for me. Wednesdays call for a Lower Body Workout. I am interested in your opinion(s). Which Lower Body workout is your favorite and why? As you are advising me, please keep in mind that I DO NOT like...
  6. tralaiven

    Trouble with Flash Player plugin

    Hi I have a Mac and am an On Demand monthly member. I wanted to do last Thursday's workout today and every time I try to play it, I am told that I must update my Flash player. I have updated it now today over and over, restarted my web browser, and restarted my laptop. I have never had this...
  7. tralaiven

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Has anyone else noticed this in the Hiit series postings? She looks great! It looks like her mid-section has slimmed down. I have been doing her low impact series and Xtrain, and I swear that she has lost that little belly bit that she had. Of course, she still looked great in them, but she...
  8. tralaiven

    When do current pre-sale prices expire?

    I am just wondering because I do not want to miss out on this price...working on the budget! Thank you
  9. tralaiven

    Need Cathletes healthy eating perspective!

    I have a girlfriend who is VERY much into healthy eating and organic eating. (But does not exercise) I am a healthy eater too, but not to the extent that she I workout faithfully 5-6x per week. .ok here is the story... She has been in poor health for a few weeks now, her heart rate...
  10. tralaiven

    Need serious advice re:NPTI school???

    I really think I am going to take the plunge and would like to get certified to be a personal trainer. However, I am thinking I need serious practical instruction along with book learnin':D since I am not a member of a gym and workout in my garage with Cathe, Tracie, Kelly, and Michelle :D...
  11. tralaiven

    Problems with X10 series dvds?

    Hi! I am just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the playing of some of this new series dvds? I did the November new series rotation in November and had constant problems with a few of them...and just thought it was my DVD player...well, come to find out as I have continued with...
  12. tralaiven

    We Cathletes have been ahead of this!....

    The Hottest Workout Of 2014 | ThePostGame This article states that Hiit is the hottest workout of 2014..... Ummm well, thanks to Cathe it's been one of our hottest workouts for years....old news for us! Feeling thankful!
  13. tralaiven

    Just gets better & better....

    I am finding that the more I do this new, unnamed X10 series of 8 workouts, the more I really like them....I have found it interesting that I have really had to do them a few times to understand the thinking behind them and experience what fitness ideas Cathe is communicating....because really...
  14. tralaiven

    Best spin bike under $1k?

    I realize that there has been a lot of spin bike discussion in the past, but I could not locate the thread (s) and just would like your current input! DH and I are considering getting one. However, it must be one that can handle him, and he is 200+ lbs! Any advice?
  15. tralaiven

    Have you done Whole Life Challenge?

    A neighbor is wanting me to do this with her... Just wondering if you have done this? Some aspects of it we have here on this forum... What are your thoughts?..
  16. tralaiven

    Anyone done HC 3x per wk and no weights?

    I am wondering what my next rotation will be since I just finished STS double time.... I am thinking about doing Horizontal Conditioning 3x per week and then cardio 3x per week ....having HC being my strength training.... However, I am not sure about this....I like to lift weights, and I...
  17. tralaiven

    What size kettle bell should I start with?

    Thinking about getting Skogg kb DVDs...but am clueless about size of kb to start with:confused:. I have never done kbs. Currently in STS phase 2...bench pressing 55-60. General bicep work avg 15 lbs each arm....what do you think? I should say my shoulders aren't that strong because I...
  18. tralaiven

    For when we struggle with life....

    This story on CBS This Morning is incredible...I hope it encourages did me as well as make me cry and put my life in perspective with thankfulness! Against all odds - CBS News Video Blessings
  19. tralaiven

    STS 6x per wk (double up)?

    I am seriously considering doing STS 6x per week and thereby halving the total time to do STS into a 6 week program instead of 3 and a half months. I am also planning on doing 2 to 3 cardios per week. I am going to do this because I have the time and I am really wanting to see results. As it...
  20. tralaiven

    Travel fit question!

    Travel fit is one of the only Cathe DVDs I don't have. But I am wondering... Are their any premixed on this one? I have searched and I cannot seem to find any info on this! Thanks for your help Sent from my iPhone using CatheForum