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    Sore hip joints from running? Any ideas?

    I did a 10K run yesterday and have horribly sore hip joints today. Have been doing mostly TM runs of up to 8 miles since last Nov. and have been running at least once a week outdoors for the past couple of months. The race was on the roads (asphalt) and I usually do my outdoor runs on...
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    Rosepetals - how are you?

    Hello there - just wondering how you are? Did the fires get too close? Hope you are OK . . .;-)
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    First 10K - any advice?

    My info: I haven't done too much running - was doing alot of TM work during the fall and winter (15 - 20 mi/wk) but have cut back (to about 10 mi/wk) since my focus has been on weights lately. (Started NROLW in April but have taken 2 weeks off in between stages). Was using the TM in between...
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    iPod armbands

    Has anyone found a good iPod armband for the 80GB that works well for running. I have read some reviews on various brands but, as usual, some are good and some bad. Figured my fellow Catheites may have better suggestions. My bicep is about 12.5 to 13" and I was hoping to find one that...
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    iTunes & CC's - techno challenged

    Don't know much about the iPods and downloading as my DS loaded tunes onto my current iPod shuffle. I have the CC's on my computer in files and do have a CD (that came with my Shuffle) to load iTunes onto my computer. Question: I will be getting an iPod Nano and want to know if it will...
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    Janiejoey . . .

    Just wanted to let you know that I just received my dozen and a half asparagus roots :9 After reading your post a couple weeks ago I thought . . . "I've got loads of space, why not add asparagus to my gardens?" Did ya ever think of yourself as a "veggie enabler"? :7 Thanks for the...
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    tenant law - DD's rental foreclosed on - any advice-long

    My DD and 3 others rented a house - many mistakes on their part but here is the rundown: - no rental agreement (apparently something in writing but haven't seen it) - paid prorated month (may 9 - 31) - one month's security deposit - 3 days after moving in received a "Cash for Keys" notice...
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    Turkey Burger from Oprah's show - Trump's restaurant

    I haven't been on the boards today so sorry if it is posted already but this sounded so good when I happened to hear it while cleaning carpets}( Needless to say I haven't tried it yet, and will probably make some sort of mango chutney since I just bought about 10 mangos, but think the idea...
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    Article: "It's All Your Fault Mom"

    Article from AHI Employment Law Today HR Soapbox Blog ''It's All Your Fault, Mom!'' (Attitude-Behavior) A new book theorizes that if you're having troubles at work, mom might be to blame. The Mother Factor: How Your Mother's Emotional Legacy Impacts Your Life, by Dr. Stephan B...
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    NROL & Running

    Is anyone doing the NROLW workout and also incorporating running as additional cardio? I have been working on adding running as cardio for the past few month but last month pulled up a Smart Coach program to ready myself for a 10K (in case I get far enough to really enter one that is close to...
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    I can relate, can you?

    Got this in an email today and had to share: WARNING FOR WOMEN: You've heard about people who have been abducted and had their kidneys removed by black-market organ thieves. Well, this kind of cruel theft is happening with other body...
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    Doing Cathe's Feb rotation ?

    How are you feeling about the rotation as far as doing all the cardio at once then all the weightwork at once? Is it affecting your appetite? Are you seeing any results? TIA
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    Sharing a way to make some "free" $

    I am reading Suze Orman's book on "Women & Money". She advises that all women should have a savings account of their own. (So glad I did before my divorce since I was totally cut off with no job and 3 kids.) Am passing this on in case anyone may be interested . . . Inside it explains...
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    Articles from Beach Body

    Here are some tips for those who haven't read alot about nutrition or just some reminders for the rest of us that may help for a new year ;-)
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    Here's my wish to all my workout buddies:
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    30 Figure Friendly recipes for winter

    I am a big fan of Food TV Network. Just noticed this page and thought I would pass it on for some new flavorful recipes that follow with the nutrition values. Good Eats (as Alton Brown would say) :7 Here's the link...
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    Any advice for a co-worker?

    I am an HR manager and had an employee come in to talk to both me and his former manager (he was transferred a half hour away a couple years ago to our large manufacturing site - we are at corporate). He and his wife are pregnant - about 27 weeks - in trying to find out the sex of the baby...
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    Homemade dog food

    I know many of you are avid animal lovers. After the discussions about all the tainted pet foods, a horrible bout with the "runs" and just plain old age and sore joints, I have decided to begin making my dog's food. I have numerous recipes, basically seeing that a mix of 40% protein, 30%...
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    Any other hockey fans?

    Are any of you getting excited for the Stanley cup to begin? I am sitting here watching the Sharks (live 30 min from the arena) and am anxiously awaiting the first playoff game. We get tix to about a dozen games + per year. Whose your fav team and do you get to see them live? :+
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    Any March "Xers"?

    I started this Monday - am doing pretty well but would like to share my thoughts, frustrations, DOMS }( , etc. are going. Anyone else game? :7