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    STS: 2.0 update

    Lannette I’m with you. My joints don’t really care for heavy weights anymore. I’ve fallen in love with her metabolic workouts. I’m hoping maybe the ‘recovery’ ones will be more my style.
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    I did ICE chiseled lower body (well, part of it) and followed with perfect pump lower body. I enjoy legs mixed with cardio, but enjoyed adding the heavy work after.
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    I‘m mostly a lurker but have posted about music before. I really really like the music in this series! For aerobic workouts it helps me to have a a good beat, something I can get into.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    I must say I’m disappointed with all the squat thrusts, they bother my wrists. I end up faking them off the sofa. :eek:.
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    Workout Manager not working

    I too had problems but even though now the calendar loads the icons for the workouts I did don’t show. But the title displays on the sidebar.
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    Imax 4

    I rarely post but was SO happy to see it’s not just me who uses just the platform!
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    icons in workout manager

    I apologize if someone already answered this. When I enter my workouts in the calendar, no icon is showing up. Is it just me?
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    Lovin' Lite!!!

    I'm mostly a lurker here but felt compelled to post. So far I have done cardio party, body weight and bands and rumble. I've loved each one, and am really excited about the rest. And the music!!! Awesome! Ty so much Cathe!
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    Boxing Bootcamp+Legs&Glutes+bonus Abs

    I too loved the workout but HATED the warmup. ENDLESS punching, too long. But I really enjoyed the combos and how blasts were interspersed with them. Leg work was definitely glute geared.
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    Loving fit/split except for abs...

    TY all for the suggestions. I'm always glad to hear that others have similar issues :)
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    Loving fit/split except for abs...

    My wrists cannot tolerate all the plank style work. Any suggestions for modifications, within that specific ab routine?
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    Fitsplit icon

    Icon not showing up on workout manager calendar
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    What does everyone think of the music for S&S series?

    I like the workouts but I found the music bland, not motivating.
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    Workout manager sign in

    When I sign in I get a little box that says " says invalid username and password ". But it signs me in anyway. I tried clearing browser hx, etc... but doesn't change Thank you Julie
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    Does anyone else have a fear of jumping on the step?

    OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I haven't looked at the forums in awhile so failed to see this thread earlier. If the workout calls for jumping up on the step I don't use any risers. Call me a wimp or whatever, but I'm afraid of injuring jumping any higher. And I definitely don't jump...
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    Bummed, have pneumonia...

    Thank you all for your encouragement :)
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    Coming back after brief illness...

    Hi Cathe I've got pneumonia, haven't been able to workout for 2 weeks, can't start for probably at least another week. My question is what workouts should I start out with when I resume? I'm thinking strength training because it's not aerobic (as much) as more cardio based types. I was also...
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    Bummed, have pneumonia...

    And haven't been able to workout for 2 weeks due to shortness of breath, fatigue. I feel so guilty not exercising even though I know it's not because I'm being lazy. I'm also afraid how much my fitness is going to have been affected. I'm normally healthy, can do her hardest workouts so I'm...
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    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    I'm glad I'm not the only stumbling over their own feet when trying the keep the pace of Cathe and the girls. As someone else said, I think carpet does make some moves harder to keep up with. At least that's what I try to tell myself. I don't use a mat either, just an "imaginary" space which...
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    Circuit/Metabolic workouts

    Is Supercuts... From X-train considered metabolic? And could it be considered a cardio workout as well? Thanks Julscarver