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  1. AliCurtis

    Patrick Goudeau's 24/7

    I did his Hardwork Conditioning 24/7 w/o this morning & I love it!!!!!!! He is so motivating and creative it is ridiculous. It is challenging yet easy to follow. I watched it once and was able to complete it. It was a lot of fun :). Some moves he did I did not think I would be able to do, but my...
  2. AliCurtis

    What do you do to get re-motivated?

    I simply pop in a w/o DVD while I am feeling unmotivated...and the guilt from not moving my body usually motivates me :).
  3. AliCurtis

    If your husband offers.....

    My husband and I spend one weekend apart each year. My girl friends from college and I meet at a different place every year. Last year we went to Las Vegas and had a blast!!!!!!! DH went to Manitoba Canada with his friends. I truly believe this along with many other aspects of our...
  4. AliCurtis

    Butt kick modifier?

    Try starting in the Butt Kick postion on your step with both hands securely on your step, and slowly step over the step one leg at a time...while flexing the lifting leg to your buttocks. Just a thought.
  5. AliCurtis

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Yes, I do.
  6. AliCurtis

    OK I admit it!

    All the men in STS were motivating IMO; however, Denise irritated the heck out of me. I hope to never see her in any of Cathe's DVDs.
  7. AliCurtis

    Airport security

    Oh that's funny!
  8. AliCurtis

    Sketchers Shapers

    Has anyone bought a pair of these tennis shoes yet? If so, how do you like them?
  9. AliCurtis

    outgoing or homebody

    Definitely homebody. I love when it is just my husband and me.
  10. AliCurtis


    Thanks a bunch you guys for your responses. I have been on Accutane for a week now; and I cannot wait to see results. Reading your posts makes me feel better about my decision to try Accutane :)!
  11. AliCurtis


    I have been wrestling with adult acne longer than I care to divulge. I saw my dermatologist yesterday, and she presrcibed Accutane. I am unable to conceive, so, no worries there. There are just so many other possible side effects. Has anyone here tried it?
  12. AliCurtis

    HOT PICS THREAD post your hot pics here!

    NOW we're talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. AliCurtis

    HOT PICS THREAD post your hot pics here!

    OH YES!!!!
  14. AliCurtis

    Just a note of thanks

    I am proud of you egyirba...REMEMBER that you are more than a conqueror :)!
  15. AliCurtis

    NEW To Cathe, dont know where to start!

    Good morning shannoncorrin! Let me just assure you that you are not nuts :)! Now with that out of the way, reading that you are not new to fitness...IMO, 4-Day Split would be a very good investment for you. You are going to LOVE the heavy weight work in 4-DS...if that's what you like. And...
  16. AliCurtis


    Good morning! I did this disc yesterday; I have really grown to love plyos.
  17. AliCurtis

    STS Check In Disc 34

    Hi! I actually did this disc today because I will not have an opportunity to do it Monday. I was so imprressed with my strength gains. For the flatbench presses, I was actually 10% stronger than my w/o card projected. I absolutely LOVE STS :)!!!! Oh, and for the other exercises, I was right on...
  18. AliCurtis


    Good morning! I just completed disc 33...feeling very accomplished. Who knew that I could do a crossbody kickback with a 15 lb weight? I am so proud of myself.
  19. AliCurtis


    Good morning :)!!! I just finished disc 32, and I feel I'll go cut my grass. I love the slow straddle jumps. I had trouble with the one leg squat thrust switches, though. That's just something for me to work on.
  20. AliCurtis

    Less DOMS in meso 3?

    Same here...I feel a little soreness in my overall legs after plyos, and my biceps; but that's it.