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    STS: 2.0 update

    Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for the update! Sounds great!!!❤️❤️‍
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    About My New Workout Series

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    Our 380th Cathe Live Broadcast

    This one looks good and has some new moves! Thanks for your thoughts, Jennifer. Cathe is not wearing her glasses in this - contacts? That's a good sign!! :0)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I can understand that…once I tried the smallest pair of grippy socks I could find, they were good and didn’t slip or cut into my toes. So, I guess, YMMV. ;)
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    Circular yoga mat “slipperiness”

    I use these grippy socks with all my yoga mats. They truly make a difference with the slipping...
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    I have done Cathe’s Fit Tower Boot Camp and used the Boss Bands and my FW band and they worked great! I also used them during LITE Body Weight and Bands workout.
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    Cathe Live Rotations?

    2lazy4gym (a blogger from this site) has included some Live Rotations. Love her blog as well as fitnessmystyle's blog! They both review a lot of Cathe's workouts which I really enjoy reading.
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    Workout cards?

    Haha, I do both the index card inside the case AND the notebook for each series! I keep notes as to what weights used, etc. and what premixes are favorites. Works for me and I enjoy doing so! :) Yes, I am so old school! LOL
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    Question about Cathe's future use of 'boss bands,' lack of use of blue loop in Boss Bands.

    FYI, Cathe‘s Sept 23 Live class is a metabolic workout using the Boss bands and loops. Sounds fun!
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    Cathe's Switch It Up Bootcamp Live Workout

    I’m purchasing this one!! Looks so fun with all the toys! ❤️
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide

    I love the looks of the low impact rotation!!!!
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    Boss Bands and Loops PHA?

    Love this idea!!! ❤️
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Intense Upper Body Live Workout

    Yes, so great to see Al (all tan and chained!) in another Live! :0) This class looks like another goodie!!
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    My July “Eye” Update

    Great to hear! Praying everything gets back to normal, Cathe!
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    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    OMGoodness! Please take care, Cathe! We understand and will be patient with Cathe Live, the new dvd's, etc. Just get better and REST!! Sending hugs and prayers to you....
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    For giggles and grins...Missing Cathe

    Absolutely love this!!!! ❤️ Very clever!!
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    Oh goody! Fabric bands and round yoga mats.... bring it on!!!!
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    Upper body + Upper body bonus + Extended Stretch

    I LOVE the Pump Upper/Lower Body Mish Mosh Premix (54 min.) of this one. If you have Live, it is similar to her PHA Supersets Live class where she does 2 or 3 upper body exercises to burn out the muscle, then 2 or 3 lower body exercises to burn out the muscle, etc. Great total body workout! I do...
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    Strong and Sweaty monthly rotataion

    Hi, this rotation was listed in the Strong & Sweaty User's Guide. It includes just the S & S workouts. (She has other rotations that include other series along with the S & S series). Week 1 M Boot Camp Tu Ramped Up UB W Cardio Slam & Bonus Abs Th PHA Training F Off Sa Cycle Sweat...