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  1. jdimascio

    X10 is a perfect 10!!!

    I did a premix that one that had step, low impact and fat burning circuit segments. Each segment lasted about 11-14 minutes and it was non-stop. Every move was fun, fast, and effective...I was a sweaty mess. This DVD will be used a lot!!!!!!!!!
  2. jdimascio

    Party Rockin' Step 2

    I just finished this one this morning. Let me tell you, it might be my new favorite step workout. Cathe created 6 fun combos with some intensity. Almost all of them have some sort of power move. The 6 combo is short and effective...a lot of jumping in that combo, she even puts a burpee in...
  3. jdimascio

    Request for Repeat of Dedication Class

    I think it would be nice if we could dedicate a class, like we did last year, to "kicking cancer to the curb". I feel that cancer is everywhere...I know at least everyone knows someone who is battling cancer , has battled cancer, or lost the battle with cancer. We lost a very special Cathlete...
  4. jdimascio

    Xtrain Legs - Hardcore Sculpting

    I know there is another Legs thread, but I just wanted to give a quick review. I am on day 5 of the undulating rotation so I did Legs plus rear delts. This workout flew by and Cathe keeps you moving. She hits every angle of your legs and glutes and don't be surprised if your legs are still...
  5. jdimascio

    Xtrain -Ride

    Quick review because I have to run to my son's basketball tournament. Overall great ride, definitely different from CycleMax. As intense, if not more....but I believe spinning is only as intense as you make it! I loved the variety, the counter is awesome - definitely made me push harder, the...
  6. jdimascio

    New Year, New Workouts, maybe a new Cathe Challenge?

    I understand that the release date is still unknown for Xtrain.....but I am getting excited and working on new goals for 2013, which will involve the Xtrain rotation. I have loved your challenges in the past and it would be cool to have one that involves Xtrain. Maybe a de"CATHE"lon...hee hee...
  7. jdimascio

    SNM:Countdown Timer in new workouts?

    I was wondering if there were any thoughts on adding a countdown timer on the screen of the Xtrain workouts? It's always nice to know how much time is left in your workout. Just a thought....
  8. jdimascio

    Best of Cathe All Step

    I am just coming off of the Glassboro Road Trip, and all of Cathe's classes were absolutely amazing. But what I really enjoyed the most was the Friday evening class. The step portion was SO MUCH fun, it was like my favorite Cathe moves, so you knew them already, but she bundled them all...
  9. jdimascio

    Crossfire review

    This morning I did Crossfire...the whole thing along with core (64 min) I enjoyed the warm-up, I enjoyed the warm-up and the music that went along with it. Once again this workout is broken into segments. Obviously, you have all of these premixes and the varieties are endless...I even plan...
  10. jdimascio

    My "To the Max" review

    Since I refuse to wait for the UPS delivery person to arrive with my DVDs, I always get the downlaods too. I also like to play around with the Workout Blender, so I am a big download fan. Anyway, I downloaded the new workouts last night, previewed breifly and decided to try "To the Max" this...
  11. jdimascio

    Thank you, Cathe!!!

    Just a quick note to thank you. I ran the Broad Street Run yesterday and beat my best time. I ran 2 times a week for training, and the rest was all you!!!! Your strength and cardio workouts are the best training tools for me. Thanks for being the "best trainer" and proving that I can get...
  12. jdimascio

    New 10 mile PR, Thanks to Cathe and Coach Sean!

    Yesterday I participated in my favorite race, the Broad Street Run, in Philly. I have done this race since 96, even twice when I was pregnant. Anyway, I have held tight at a 66 minutes personal record for a couple of years, and as soon as I added heavy weights with Cathe's DVD and her cardio...
  13. jdimascio

    Premixes - sometimes harder than the original workout

    I love it when I run into an awesome premix. And sometimes you can't always assume that just because it might be a part of the original workout that it's going to be easier. For example, Cardio Core Circuit- cardio Drill only premix is harder than CCC with the core workout. When you have...
  14. jdimascio

    Funny Video on Before/After Transformation Photos

    Not sure if this has been posted already...but it is so funny. It's about Before and After Fitness Photos that we see all the time and how anyone could create these perfect pictures in about 5 hours. Shocking Before and After Transformation in 5 Hours - EXPOSED! - YouTube
  15. jdimascio

    Gift Certificates for downloads

    Cathe or SNM, I know you offer to purchase gift certificates for your store, but do you offer any for your downloads? I would like to purchase one for my friend and I know she would prefer downloads over DVDs. Thanks a ton!!!
  16. jdimascio

    Used Star Trac Spin Bikes for Sale in PA

    Just thought I'd pass this along if anyone is looking for a spin bike and lives near Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Hatfield Athletic Club is having an auction that ends today. They have a number of spin bikes up that are going for about $250. I can send you the link if you are interested.
  17. jdimascio

    STS TB Stretch Music

    Does anyone know what song this is? I LOVE it...and I swear I have heard it before, just can't think where. Thanks!!
  18. jdimascio

    Fitness Level - definitions

    I was just curious, what is everyone's definition of certain fitness levels. When someone asks you what fitness level you are, what determines your answer? What are the specifications of a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser? I think definitions might be different for some people and...
  19. jdimascio

    Anyone on/use Athlinks?

    It seems we have a decent number of competitive runners, triathletes, swimming, cyclists on the forums. I was just curious if anyone is on Athlinks. I think it's a pretty cool site. I like that you can track your races and results. A lot of mine I can't find from years ago, but it's just...
  20. jdimascio

    HI/Low Impact Series

    So, I was thinking maybe a series of 4 or 5 DVDs, that each contain 2 workouts then premixes that combine the 2 (sort of like what is done on the Body Blast Series) but have premixes of each workout individually too - more options!!! For example a DVD with just Step - Imax4 and Low Max 2...