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    I‘m mostly a lurker but have posted about music before. I really really like the music in this series! For aerobic workouts it helps me to have a a good beat, something I can get into.
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    icons in workout manager

    I apologize if someone already answered this. When I enter my workouts in the calendar, no icon is showing up. Is it just me?
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    Lovin' Lite!!!

    I'm mostly a lurker here but felt compelled to post. So far I have done cardio party, body weight and bands and rumble. I've loved each one, and am really excited about the rest. And the music!!! Awesome! Ty so much Cathe!
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    Loving fit/split except for abs...

    My wrists cannot tolerate all the plank style work. Any suggestions for modifications, within that specific ab routine?
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    Fitsplit icon

    Icon not showing up on workout manager calendar
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    Workout manager sign in

    When I sign in I get a little box that says " says invalid username and password ". But it signs me in anyway. I tried clearing browser hx, etc... but doesn't change Thank you Julie
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    Coming back after brief illness...

    Hi Cathe I've got pneumonia, haven't been able to workout for 2 weeks, can't start for probably at least another week. My question is what workouts should I start out with when I resume? I'm thinking strength training because it's not aerobic (as much) as more cardio based types. I was also...
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    Bummed, have pneumonia...

    And haven't been able to workout for 2 weeks due to shortness of breath, fatigue. I feel so guilty not exercising even though I know it's not because I'm being lazy. I'm also afraid how much my fitness is going to have been affected. I'm normally healthy, can do her hardest workouts so I'm...
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    STS total body-premixes not in workout manager

    When I try to enter "upper body only" in workout manager, that's not an option. Only "lower body" and "compound only" are listed despite there being 8 premixes available. Can this be changed? Thank you, Julie Carver
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    Firewalker loops availability?

    Cathe do you know, or anyone else when they'll be in stock again? Or are there alternative loops that I can buy? thank you
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    Greg in the warm-up! Annoying

    Is it just me or does it annoy you guys at the poor effort he displays in the warm-ups in Xtrains' muscle workouts. The other guy in the warm-up followed along, participated. Greg however looked irritated, making half-ass motions. I was glad they showed him so little in that portion of the...
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    sweating even after workout is done...

    With some workouts it seems as though I continue to sweat up an HOUR after I've finished? Is that unusual? Thank you
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    Hard Strikes = foot pain?

    Despite trying different shoes and orthotics my feet consistently hurt/ache throughout this workout. Anybody have any thoughts? I have no problems with other high impact workouts such as tabatas, etc... Other kickboxing workouts don't bother me either. I used to being on my feet, work 12...
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    SNM- workout cards don't print info

    It prints basically a blank page w/ a header at the top. Does this mean you're still working on them, or is it a problem on my end. Thanks, Julie
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    T-shirt sizing...

    I'm a dedicated Cathlete but do NOT have a cathlete body. For some of us um... more rubenesque sized girls. I was hoping that you could offer some larger sizes? Your XL is too "fitting" for me, I prefer slightly looser fitting shirts.
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    Workout cards

    Will we be able to print workout cards telling us what weight to use for the 100 reps (like what we print out for STS)?
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    OMG I did it AGAIN!

    This time I managed to overcome my fear of TTM and do the workout. I only used a 4" step (except for the solid step portion). I only used 3# but I still completed it! I even managed to do the power squats (slowly). I still can't get the timing for the step taps over the board.
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    step taps/power squats help!

    The step taps where you straddle the step alternate tapping a foot on top. I absolutely cannot get the timing right on this. I think I may be concentrating on putting my weight on the wrong leg. Do you have any suggestions? The power squats as well I just can't seem to get either. I may...
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    OMG-I did it!

    I was so nervous to try these new workouts! I have never felt this trepidation before! I am not nearly as fit as Cathe, her crew or probably most of you who post on these forums. But that doesn't mean I'm not trying! I actually did Crossfire Today! I did the whole workout w/o additional...
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    What kind of bike do you use for cycle max?

    Stupid question but I have never tried this type of workout but I figure it's always nice to expand one's cardio options. :)