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    Heavy weight workout

    There are so few heavy weight muscle building workouts on the market. I would love something incorpating heavy weights and working to failure (Slow and Heavy, Burn Sets and Ripped with HIIT are my faves). Oh pretty pretty pretty please
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    Will it work for me?

    Hi there The STS series sounds very exciting. My question is this: I am currently working out at the gym doing 4 sets of 4 different exercises per body part (working each body part once per week). Will the STS series be a worhtwhile addition and will it be challenging and beneficial for me...
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    Butts n' Guts

    Is it just me, or did anyone else see the rehearsal pic and think "I bet that workout is really gonna hurt!" :7 You've gotta love our Cathe!!! :-) Thanks for sharing with us, Ms Friedrich, it is an honour! Enjoy your day (from a grey and rainy London, UK!) Trevor
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    Question about IMAX workouts

    Hi All I want to buy one of the IMAX workouts and my questions is basically this: I want to get the one that will make the LEAST amount of noise for the people who live downstairs. Basically, which one has the least "up and down" jumps? Generally movements that are quick or move from side to...
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    Gym style

    Hello There Miss Cathe I am getting really (!) tempted to buy the latest Gym Style workouts but I have noticed that there seems to be a lot more chest work than the other muscle groups. I am concerned that this might cause muscle imbalance (my chest is quite well developed compared with say...
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    Limited Space

    Hello All You Knowledgable People I was wondering which of Cathe's step videos takes up the least amount of room. I have limited space and I don't want to end up in my book case! Any help anyone can give me is much appreciated! Trevor
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    New tapes and building muscle

    Dear Cathe Before I ask my question I'd just like to say "thank you, thank you, thank You!!!" For the amazing effect you have had on my life. I have exercised for years, but in the last year or so (since I "discovered" you!), people have actually been commenting on my buff appearence... this is...