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    Christine (Timber99) hit the nail on the head! GET YOUR OWN LAWYER! No matter how much each of you thinks they are trying to be "fair", it is human nature to try to get the most for yourself. And you do not need to answer his questions about what you want. That is for a judge and lawyers to...
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    Carnivale--jdoll, CurlyQ, other fans.......

    I read it here: . Scroll down a ways
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    Carnivale--jdoll, CurlyQ, other fans.......

    I do agree--sometimes the volume of swearing makes me cringe. But I doubt that that town was a very pretty place back then either.
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    Carnivale--jdoll, CurlyQ, other fans.......

    >we've dubbed it "Cusswood" around >here, lol! I'm not sure I believe they used the F word that >much in the Old West! Heehee!!! I read somewhere that David Milch (the show's creator)did a lot of research on Deadwood, and from what he read (letters, diaries,etc), there was a lot of cussing...
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    Speaking of marriage....

    I've often thought this myself. I'm on my second marriage and doubt I would do it again. Not that I'm not happy now, but a long term unmarried relationship sounds much more appealing should this one ever end. I sort of feel sad about feeling this way, but it's just the way I'm built I guess.
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    Stinky workout clothes

    I thought I read somewhere that you weren't suppose to use fabric softener on wicking workout clothes. Negates the wicking properties or something like that. Anyone else hear this before.
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    GS Legs-Anyone Use More Than 5 Lbs for Slow Lunges?

    I decided not to use ANY weight for the slow lunges! Yikes, those are tough!
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    Terri Schiavo Dies

    Thank you Dave and Candi. Sometimes people are too quick to believe all the rumors out there, especially if the rumors support their "side".
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    Okay we hate Bermuda shorts...BUT..

    Who hates Bermuda shorts?!:o
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    Wedding invite question - your opinion

    I had this happen many years ago and I did feel bad about not being invited. My bf(now dh)wasn't too happy about it either, but we decided that he should go anyway. I can understand the reasoning behind it, but do think that it causes a lot of hard feelings. It's not something I would do if I...
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    O/T Should Terry Schiavo be made to live or die? is a website that is dedicated to pro-life, anti-euthanasia, anti-assisted suicide issues. I don't think they or this doctor are especially unbiased. The doctors that examined her were court-ordered, without an agenda. Sad state of affairs for everyone involved. The Catholic...
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    Will anyone post Hardcore workout sheets?

    Please send to [email protected] . Thanks!
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    Speaking of annoying comments...

    I've never had trouble getting blood drawn, but IV's were another story. A couple of times the nurses just gave up and had the doctor or anesthesist do it. Stick holes all over my arm...
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    I agree---just do it and get it out of your system!
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    funeral etiquette question

    I think that would be okay. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Around here there seems to be a trend toward going to the visitation instead od the funeral(unless, of course, the deceased was a very close friend or relative).
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    Would you or did you ?

    I've been married to my dh for over 20 years and he is six years younger than I am. It has never been a big deal, although he does tease me occasionally about being older. (I am 53, he is 47.) I say, "Go for it!"
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    Its not PC but I HATE Xmas Cake

    I love a good fruitcake too! Actually, I make my own (and I don't put brandy in it-yuck!). Most store bought ones I've tried aren't very good though.
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    Who Are Your Celeb Heartthrobs?

    Clare...excellent choices!! And, although they don't have "the voice", I would have to add Sean Bean and Johnny Depp.
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    Fish Fry Dilemma

    I just have one question here. Where is your husband on this? Can't he help smooth things over--back you up--when it comes to explaining to them why you don't want to eat like this every week. They are HIS parents and it seems like he could be a big help here. Just a thought.
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    Deleting posts???

    Thank you DeeDee and Micki!