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    healthy, clean peanut butter?

    I buy Adams from Walmart here in CA. All it is is peanuts and a little salt. Does need to be refrigerated after opening though.
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Wendy - thanks for the heads up on the website. I saw Lainiefig post on Open Discussion about the interim but haven't been to Ask Cathe. I'm heading over there in just a minute. There is definitely something about the CC's that keep ya going ! I know what you mean about having those...
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    Not worth the energy....

    After being heavy in high school and dropping weight due to a much better schedule and less pigging out, I still HATE that "You're so LUCKY you can eat ANYTHING you WANT". Yea right - that's why there is now a fat pad from my waist to my knees. I work hard just to keep it from growing...
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Back for a break !}( I have to report that I had IOMS while doing PUB today, then once I got to work DOMS from PLB yesterday. Whew what a walking OMS person I am today. Now I really walk like an old lady !:P Lora - still sounds like a good workout though sorry to hear about your foot...
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Good morning ladies ! Did PUB and am thoroughly exhausted. Thank goodness tomorrow is a cardio day !:7 Got to hit the shower and get to work - at least tomorrow is Friday ! BBL
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    Onion Rings...yum

    OK - I think it may be a Costco cereal too ! Thanks !
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    I kissed a girl....

    Oooohhhhh Laura - the Bee Gee's come alive again ! That was the good ol' college days and fine nights of dancin' huh? Wake me up - I don't wanna go back that far ! :o
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    The Weight Training Blahs :(

    Good for you - I finally did that a couple of months ago. It was funny cuz DH and DS thought I was sick or something. Instead of hitting the workout room after work I put on my loungewear and played computer, watched TV or read books. Finally they asked what was wrong. It was a nice...
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    Alywn,KB,P90X & TT HuMp DaY

    Lori - hope you got your workout in - how do you create your circuit with the TM and DVD? So nice DH got a week away (you own a sporting good store, right?) And sounds like you'll have plenty of omega 3 salmon fishies to eat soon, huh? Salmon omlettes, salmon on crackers w/cream cheese...
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    Alywn,KB,P90X & TT HuMp DaY

    Hey there chiquitas ! Back on a roll to get here in the AM this time !:o Workout this AM was PLB - killer ! Just not used to Cathe workouts anymore - good change of pace though. May try to add on a short 30 min run again after work. Need to get home on time though. Lori - sorry you...
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    how do i post a picture?

    A URL address is what is located at the top in your browser such as this post is or look at the area where you type in: same place will have the URL address. HTH :7
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    Onion Rings...yum

    I'm not familiar with Fiber One - what would be a good sub? Those do sound good - ya got me intrigued ! :9
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    follow up to c-section post

    Jessica - that was me too. Does make it more challenging. I got a wagon to pull them in. That might be an option? Or perhaps the baby in a Snuggli?
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc July 15

    Hi all ! Missed checking in today - too busy before work and work was a bust too. Did my workout this AM - Low Max 1-4 and LIS core = 55 minutes. Felt good. I sure get tired using an 8" step these days. Lora - bummer about your co-worker, but sounds like things may be better soon...
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    follow up to c-section post

    Don't be scared, just be careful and ease back into it. Movement is a good thing and remember as you are picking up your new little bundle you'll be working your UB too !:7 Walking is good - you can work on your pace or even do some hills if you have any around. Push the stroller for extra...
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    My sober lifestyle faced it's greatest challenge yesterday!!!...

    RE: My sober lifestyle faced it's greatest challenge ye... Way to go Jerry ! The taste of cold beer on a hot day is the best, but O'Douls definitely works. Good for you adding just one more day but more importantly, beating the big...
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    Fitness Freak

    RE: Fitness Freak thighs Thanks !:9
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    Good Luck Christine (andtckrtoo) today!!!!!!!!!

    Holy moly - you guys went up to Silver Creek Country Club - from Blossom Hill? It is so beautiful near the top up there - how cool. How'd your back do with the ride? And thanks again for your support for all of our families and friends Christine. ;)
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    anyone have a c-section?

    I would have to say that if you are nursing and running around taking care of a newborn and your household duties you will be burning extra calories anyway and should start dropping weight. The toning will happen soon enough. And your body will remember lifting and exercise and shape right...
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Mon 7-14

    Wendy - LOL about you needing a nap !:o I remember when I worked as a preschool teacher's assistant for 3 & 4 yr olds. It was fine when they were in good moods, but that didn't always last. Have a good workout after your energizing nap. Lori - I used to get additional energy when I worked...