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  1. SteppnStrong

    My Cathe Chrono Mission

    I had a big set back a few years ago - broke my shoulder and ruptured my ACL + other damage. Two separate incidents done whilst roller skating (180 spin jumps) & to get back into workouts, started with beginner, doing EVERY workout & premix... I'm a very systematic kind of person. ;) But that...
  2. SteppnStrong

    Orders form cannot be edited or cancelled?

    I just made an order from, and realised that I had 2 items repeated from the previous - missed deleting them from my wish list. Immediately went to change the order but got this - within just a minute or two of placing the order. "NOTE: This order has already shipped or has reached...
  3. SteppnStrong

    XTrain pdf of user's guide

    Hey all, I'm expecting Perfect30 any day now in the mail and I'm wanting to do the rota where it's combined with XTrain BUT I only have the BOOK version that came with XTrain, not printable worksheets via pdf. Since I bought the set, am I able to get the pdf to download other than buying a...
  4. SteppnStrong

    TDEE zero when height in cm - inches is ok.

    I entered my height in cm & selected the cm button. When I used the 'calculate my weight loss', it gave a message that my TDEE was 0, to check it - so I changed my height back & forth between 58" and 147cm & it consistently gives a value for TDEE only if I enter inches, but always gives 0 for...
  5. SteppnStrong

    Calf Raises - Register 0 for 1RM

    I've been doing STS - into Meso 2, and diligently entering my results, and increasing my weights as required so that the next workout sheet has the best weight to use, but the Calf Raises will NOT accept a weight increase and just sit at 0. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. SteppnStrong

    No exercises listed for disc 24

    I tried all the discs, and they all came up fine, and I was able to see the workout printable log for them all too EXCEPT for disc 24. It came up totally blank for the initial listing and had no button to push for the printable log. Thought you'd need to know.
  7. SteppnStrong

    New marketing idea

    Cathe - have you considered approaching 5-star hotel chains for them to offer your vids in their gyms? They all give the "we have everything, latest equipment" speal, and have screens there but only with some sports cable thing, no music, no DVD player - BOOOR-ING!!! It could introduce your...
  8. SteppnStrong

    International Postage

    Hi Cathe, Is there any possibility of offering surface postage to international (and budget concious) buyers?