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  1. L Sass

    Back surgery anyone?

    And if so, 1. What was your rehab time before returning to working out? 2. Post-rehab, did you have to modify and if so, how much? I know it depends on the nature and type, but seeking generalizations. Thx!
  2. L Sass

    Question on hotel block

    Hi Cathe and Chris. Guess we're rolling toward Glassboro '14! YAY! Thanks again for all you put into these experiences. You are amazing. I have a question about the new hotel block of rooms. In the overview of the RT info it says for the new hotel you've reserved a block, and the rooms are...
  3. L Sass

    Question for dog owners

    Hi Cathletes. I've asked over on FB but thought I'd try to tap the wisdom here as well. We have an 8-month old golden retriever. This is the first dog we've had with which we've decided to follow a raw meat diet. I've spent a lot of time researching and understand the ins and outs of it. But I'm...
  4. L Sass

    LCS imbalance

    Hi Cathe. I hope this finds you well and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful days of fall. You know I've worked out with you for years, and then dabbled in heavier stuff as well. I was so proud of myself for my 200# squat, my 270# deadlift, etc. BUT they've been short lived at best. I've...
  5. L Sass

    supplement question

    Hi Cathe friends. I take a number of supplements already, but one was suggested to me that I'm unfamiliar with. Do any of you take curcumin and if so, what results have you seen? Thanks!
  6. L Sass

    Just to do it - or progress it

    Hello fit friends. I have a question about lifting. Do you just go along with a DVD or program, whatever, and do what you can do? Or does it BUG you when you don't see progress? I've injured my hamstring so I've switched up my lifts in an effort to let it heal. When I lift heavy, I really...
  7. L Sass

    Any other X-Train shirt issues?

    Cathe or Chris: X Train Tee shirt - Page 2 - The Cathe Nation ?????
  8. L Sass

    Update from seated good morning experiment

    Hello fit friends. I promised to periodically post updates from my little experiment incorporating seated good mornings and Cathe's 100 hip thrust challenge, but going heavy, in an effort to strengthen the back chain muscles and help me lift heavier. I am inching closer to my stated goals and I...
  9. L Sass

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    How many of you drink apple cider vinegar on a regular basis? I drink it 3-4 x day and DH says not only do most 'normal' :p people not do that, he doubts that even those "in the know" on good health and nutrition do this. Pick me up here friends.
  10. L Sass

    seborrheic dermatitis

    Anyone? Ever have? How to treat? Manageable? TIA.
  11. L Sass

    True Indeed

    Happy Wednesday Cathletes. I came across these wise words from another forum and I thought I'd share. So often on these terrific forum boards I see folks who ask for guidance as they seek to drop pounds, saying they eat well and exercise, but pounds are just not moving as they would wish. I find...
  12. L Sass

    Fighter Diet

    Hey all. Thinking of going full tilt FD. Love Pauline, but never been willing to go all out. Wondering if she has any followers on here and if so, your opinions and experience? TIA.
  13. L Sass

    Inching my way toward my goal

    Hello all. I promised to post when I'd inched closed toward my performance based goals for 2013. I've been using Cathe's 100-rep challenges to help me get there, and in particular the hip thrusts so as the strengthen the back chain muscles, which I've always been weak in. As I aim toward a...
  14. L Sass

    Can you?

    Wow. This was a real eye-opener for me. I work out regularly and think I eat pretty well, though I do not follow a paleo diet and this info considers paleo. I should say that my personal goal is to be strong, and for that reason I always try to push past what Cathe offers most of the time. I...
  15. L Sass

    YOWZA - my trainer's spin on high reps!

    Trying to keep myself accountable and on-track as I inch closer to my heavy lifting goal re: the squat. My trainer told me that today (Friday is leg day for me) we would be doing squats high reps. Her version was different than what I had anticipated. 10 sets of 10, down to an 8" box with...
  16. L Sass

    Your health and fitness EVOLUTIONS?

    Hey all. Yes, yes, yes, January brings our resolutions, but as you look back over the years to see how you have evolved in your own personal health and fitness journey, what are some of your fave evolutions? Things that you NEVER thought you'd do - EVER - that now are simply matter of course...
  17. L Sass

    seated good mornings

    Hello all. Does anyone here do seated good mornings? If so, what if any benefits have you noticed? TIA
  18. L Sass

    How Often?

    Hello Cathe, and Happy New Year. I posted this over in the OD forum, but if YOU have any thoughts I've LOVE to hear them. I've recently deactivated my FB page, so if you have any thoughts to share over here I'd really appreciate it. THANKS for Xtrain. Loving it so far. Here is what I asked...
  19. L Sass

    seeking advice from body builders / physique competitors

    Hello all, and Happy New Year. I am looking for some input from those of you who like to lift heavy and who may have done figure/physique competitions. I love to lift heavy, and one of my goals this year (I'll be 50) is to reach a 200# squat. My PR for this stands at 175#. I have tweaky hip...
  20. L Sass

    Decent Price

    Hello all. FYI, Dick's Sporting Good has a 300# olympic weight set on sale for $189.00. For all your heavy lifting needs.