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  1. msmik

    Cathe live streaming problem

    I have done 5 of the Cathe live videos. They run great. But I cannot get Step Express w/blasts to stream. I have tried 3 different days, and it pauses continously. I finally give up and pick another workout - no problem. Any idea what's wrong. This workout is the one that pushed me over...
  2. msmik

    Cathe live...

    Today I signed up for Cathe live. I absolutely love it!! It was so easy to set up and worked like a charm. Not a single hesitation or glitch in the streaming. It is amazing, and easily the best 10.00 a month I will spend. Thanks Cathe and team!! Kimberly
  3. msmik

    Question for those who get the newsletter

    For some reason I don't get the newletter anymore. Checked my spam and it's not in there. Did Cathe say anything about how much the pre-order price would be for her fabulous new project? Kimberly
  4. msmik

    Good spin dvd's?

    I love Cycle Max. But since Cathe has only 1 spin video, I need to look for a few more from other instructors. Can anyone help with some advice? Please let me know of some other good videos. Kimberly
  5. msmik

    Hair straightener advice needed

    I am thinking about buying a new hair straightener. At the hair salon I go to, they sell them for about 150.00. My hairdresser was telling me I should get a good one, with ceramic plates that heat up quickly, and cools down quickly. Does anyone have any advice for me? Is an expensive one any...
  6. msmik

    P90X question

    I have a friend who is doing P90X. He is getting a little sick of Tony Horton. I read once there is a "less Tony option". Can anyone give me the scoop so I can tell him how to find it? Is it the same as on the Cathe discs, where you can choose no music, or louder music? Don't need a less...
  7. msmik

    Texas road trip prep.

    Are you doing anything special to get ready for the road trip? Any special rotation or work-out program? I have been doing a variety of my videos, just trying to be ready for whatever comes my way. Kim
  8. msmik

    What kind of classes on the roadtrip?

    Hi Cathe, I was looking at previous road trip classes to get an idea of what to be ready for. Do you have an idea of what kind of step class you will be having? My husband is not a big stepper, but I would like to help him be ready with some of the moves and not just the basic steps. Last road...
  9. msmik

    2 open spots for TX roadtrip?

    I am interested in signing up for the TX roadtrip. How would I know if there are two spots left? I only would want to go if both me and my friend could sign up. Annie
  10. msmik

    Help with future road trip locations

    A few days ago I read a response from Cathe/SNM where 3 future road trips might be. Does anyone remember where they were? I tried the "search" feature, but came up empty. Please let me know if you know what they were! Annie
  11. msmik

    Cathe poster

    Today I got my 3 Cathe posters I ordered. I love them!! They look great in my work-out room. Gives me a little extra motivation. Annie
  12. msmik

    EB tour - Minnesota?

    Any plans on coming to Minnesota? Annie
  13. msmik

    Pat Tillman run

    Is anyone doing the Pat Tillman run on Saturday in Arizona? My brother, his wife, me and my husband will be there! I am a little leery of running with 20,000 people. Should be interesting. Annie
  14. msmik

    Help! Cardio Coach question

    I read about the big sale and am planning on buying some Cardio Coaches. If I buy the CD can I put it in my I-tunes and transfer to my I-Pod? Annie
  15. msmik

    Disc 3 work-out card out of order

    On Wednesday I printed my disc 3 work-out card. I did my workout tonight. I then came back, pulled up my calendar and went in to edit. The work-out card has all the exercised out of order. Instead of starting with walking lunges, it starts with dead-lifts, and the walking lunges are listed...
  16. msmik

    Work-out card not printing

    I printed a work-out card yesterday. Today I am unable to. I click on save and print and nothing happens. Please help! Annie
  17. msmik

    What did you order with your 20% coupon?

    I ordered Cathe weight gloves and an STS shirt. I also ordered the DVD with push-pull and supersets on it. I ordered Gym style legs, chest and tris, and the back, shoulder, biceps. I decided I needed the Gym style DVD's after reading Fitness Freaks December rotation. I ordered STS, so I...
  18. msmik

    A great big "thank you" to Lainie

    I received my signed copy of Body Max II in the mail today courtesy of Lainie. She had a fun give-away on her fitness blog and I was the lucky recipient. Thanks for the gift to me on YOUR birthday week. Happy birthday to you. Cute birthday picture on your blog! Annie
  19. msmik

    calendar not working

    I am able to log in to the workout manager, but I cannot click on the calendar to use it. Is there something I am doing wrong? Annie
  20. msmik

    Pat's Run

    Did anyone do Pat's Run in Tempe AZ this morning? Annie