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  1. Molly2222

    XTrain All Out Low Impact Hiit not included in pre sale purchase?

    Hi SNM I'm just ready to download my pre sale code for the Xtrain series (minus Ride) and notice an extra item for an additionnal $19.97 (see title). Did I miss something. How come I didn't get a pre-sale offer for this? I would have gladly purchased. Thanks in advance Linda
  2. Molly2222

    Who's in ???

    So who will be having fun in FLA???? linda
  3. Molly2222

    Almost all my newest Cathe downloads disappeared with the newest Blender download?

    Ever since I downloaded the lastest WB, all the downloads I had in my blender are gone, except for my 4-day split one. I still have the files and when I try to drag them into the WB, it refuses with a message saying: "This video format is not supported. Please visit http/
  4. Molly2222

    Internet browser

    After tribulations and help from the Cathe Help desk (thanks to everybody there), I discovered I could only download with Firefox. Explorer just didn`t deliver for me. Now I realise I prefer Firefox anyway. Bye bye Microsoft!
  5. Molly2222

    Hi Veronica, Glad you are joining the RT. For your display, I've been checking out your website. Love many of the items, but I'm hoping you'll have the Olinda tank top, the Lucilene capri as well as the Arpoador pant on display. See you soon! linda
  6. Molly2222

    Will it be possible to purchase equipment at the EB National tour in SD?

    I'd love the opportunity to save on shipping fees on purchases like the STS Push-Pull Tower. Will there be any equipment we can purchase directly in SD? Linda:cool: