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    I think I need to get out....

    I think I need to leave this week; my husband just showed me how unstable he is, and I think this might escalate. I posted last week about what happened then; well, things have been alright this week. He was sad Monday, Tuesday better, and seemed fine by the end of the week. Last night when I...
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    What just happened?

    I feel like I'm going crazy tonight (and I apologize, this is going to be a looong post). My husband and I have been married for six and half years, the first five of which were pure hell. He was suffering from depression and a series of bad jobs; during this time he was *very* controlling; he...
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    Clothing problem

    I suppose this is a good problem to have, but NONE of my work clothes fit! I was getting ready for work last week, and my pants were hanging around mid-hip. I tried a belt, but they look baggy everywhere, and I can't wear them. The problem is I can't afford to replace my suits, and I've got...
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    Shoe Inserts

    I ordered a gorgeous pair of black heels, and they just arrived today. They were comfortable for all of 5 minutes before the balls of my feet started to ache. I've got some Dr. Scholl's inserts in them now, but they aren't cushy enough to offset a 3 inch heel-- any suggestions for other...
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    Burnt out this week....

    I've got nothing done for the past three hours....I'm soooo burnt out from Christmas all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies. Is the weekend here yet?!!!! :)
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    Stepmother issues....

    Warning: this is a bit of a vent! I'm not certain what has come over my stepmother recently. Lately, it seems like she has been going out of her way to start fights and create problems. Case in point, Christmas! My sister and I started trying to figure out Christmas plans in early...
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    Victoria's Secret

    Has anyone tried VS's new Infinity Edge/uplift bra? I've been buying Body, and while they are sooo comfortable, I need a little more...lift. I don't live near a VS, and before ordering online, I thought I'd ask. TIA :)
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    If I thaw something out...

    ...but didn't use all of it, can I refreeze it safely? I had some leftover quesadilla mix in the freezer, and I only used part of it for supper. We going out tomorrow night and I hate to throw it out... :)
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    Punching bag?

    Does anyone use a full-size punching bag? Any tricks to it or things to watch out for (like breaking my wrist!). I'm under incredible stress these days, and I need a stress-buster. Especially one I can tape pictures on }( TIA
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    Anyone from Boone, NC?

    I will be relocating there in June, and I'm having a hard time finding an apartment (not a lot of interet sites to look at). I will be able to go down in April, but other than that, my time is tight. I'll only have a few days to look, so I'd like to narrow my list down as much as possible. Any...
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    Weight Loss

    I bought a new scale recently (after tossing my old into the trash this summer), and was amazed to see how much weight I have lost since Christmas: 13 pounds! I knew my clothes were fitting better and I've had to replace some of my pants because they are too big, but I'm surprised at this loss...
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    Good News-- Job!!!

    I got my dream job!!!! After two sets of interviews, they called yesterday with good news. I was in shock all day yesterday, but today, I'm flying..... Wahooooooooo!!!! L
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    Job interview update

    My interview in Philadelphia went very well-- thank you all for your helpful advice about the city. I'm really glad I didn't try driving downtown. The traffic was bumper to bumper, and the streets were confusing! The cab driver dropped me off at my interview with no problems. They called...
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    DH and a past life...

    I've been married for almost five years, and I've finally figured out who/what my husband was in a former life: that little black rat that carried the plague to Europe........ He's managed to give me the flu, again!!!! Cough, cough :( L
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    Early I know, but I'm too sleepy to make it to midnight! Best wishes to all, L
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    Do you blog?

    I'm curious as to how many people here blog. I contacted an old friend recently, and he sent me a link to his blog. I've run into them before, but his was really neat-- lots of music, his artwork, not too much personal information. I'm thinking about trying one myself..... For those of you who...
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    Job interview Philadelphia!

    Great news! I have a job interview in Philadelphia (yippeee!!!!) I've never been and am a little nervous about going by myself. Any suggestions areas to stay/avoid, etc.? TIA, L
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    Marriage update

    Update since last post. I decided to make an appointment last week with a marriage counselor and made the mistake of telling my husband. I was very careful not to be confrontational and said there were some things I needed to work on and wasn't happy about, and wanted to fix before they got out...
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    Marriage question-- long

    I need some advice. I have been married for 4.5 years, and over the last few months, have found myself thinking about leaving. We don't fight or anything, and he's not abusive. But, there isn't any...emotion in our marriage. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's like living with a...
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    Thank you for the vegetarian posts!

    I can't believe how wonderful I have felt these past few weeks after switching over to a vegetarian diet-- thanks to you all for sharing your experiences! My energy is great and I'm not as groggy in the mornings when I wake up. Also, my appetite has decreased dramatically-- I'm filling up on...