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  1. beskinny

    Daytona Road Trip

    Who else is planning on signing up? This will be my first ever Cathe roadtrip; in the past timing has never worked out. I'm SUPER pumped!!
  2. beskinny

    Suggestions for weight loss for wedding?

    I'm looking for some suggestions on the best workout rotation for weight loss. Background: I'm getting married in 16 weeks. I went with my bridesmaids to try on dresses today-I tried on a dress for the rehearsal dinner and the size I needed was a huge reality check. So...I can lose up to...
  3. beskinny

    Cathe Live Workouts Similar to ___ DVD Workout

    Hello all! I'm really enjoying the Cathe Live workouts. SO MUCH ENERGY! I'm trying to figure out which DVD each live workout is most similar to so I can easily replace in Cathe's monthly rotations. I find that sticking to a rotation helps keep me on track with my workouts. Has anyone...
  4. beskinny

    Take 2! (Or 3 or 4)

    We need another version of some of the Cathe's best!! Here are my votes: Gym Styles 2 - pretty please!!! Hiit 2 Body Max 3 IMAX 4 Core Max 2 And if it's not too much to ask - Afterburn 2!!!
  5. beskinny

    January Rotation?

    Will you be posting a rotation today? Thanks!
  6. beskinny

    List of Premixes?

    I am playing with the Workout Blender and want to recreate some of the premixes that come on the original DVDs. Is there a list of premixes somewhere along with what segments are included? I went completely digital and so I don't have the DVDs anymore. Thanks!!
  7. beskinny

    Workout Blender Video Creations

    I'm having a BLAST making some video creations that I have always wanted - like my favorite abs and favorite stretches all together. (Except Muscle Max which isn't working - so sad!!) So what other great combos have people come up with so far?
  8. beskinny

    Looking for a check in group...

    Hi! I'm looking for a check-in group. I've read through a bunch of threads and am kind of overwhelmed. I'm looking for a group where I can stay accountable. It's hard to tell which group does what just from the title description. I just finished my first sprint triathlon, I am a runner...
  9. beskinny

    A few questions on new DVDs and Preorder

    SNM - I have a few questions on the new DVDs and the preorder. How long will the preorder last? What will retail price be of individual DVDs and downloads? (I need this information to make an informed decision since the preorder requires the purchase of all 4 dvds/downloads.) How many...
  10. beskinny

    Lose It! iPod App

    I've seen quite a few people on here post that they use the Lose It app. I do, too - sporatically. When I use it regularly I keep my calories in check since I don't really want to log a Reeses PB Cup blizzard or french fries. :p Anyway, I was playing around on their website this morning...
  11. beskinny

    Pedometer App for iPod Touch?

    We have a new challenge at work with the goal of 10,000 steps per day. I don't have a pedometer but found a few apps for my iPod Touch that would work as a pedometer. Has anyone used any of the pedometer apps? If so, reviews? Thanks!!
  12. beskinny

    How to Beat Evening Fatigue?

    I am having continuing problems with "after work" fatigue. By the time I get home, change and let the dogs out I am completely wiped out. I've had my thyroid testing and everything is okay there. I eat clean during the day - starting with breakfast and then smaller meals every 2-3 hours. I...
  13. beskinny

    Metabolic Testing?

    Has anyone ever had metaboloic testing done? It is being offered through work right now for $125. Wondering if it is worth it? Thanks in advance!
  14. beskinny

    BFFM Holiday Challenge

    Anyone else doing this? I signed up today and plan to take pictures and measurements. I'm extremely nervous about putting my pictures out there but I'm gonna go for it!
  15. beskinny

    Band Only/Bonus Burn workout?

    At one time, someone had put together a band workout that consisted mostly of the bonus burns from Cathe's dvds. I've been searching for an hour and haven't been able to find it. :( Does anyone remember this? ETA - found it about 30 seconds after posting this...
  16. beskinny

    Loading DVD's into iTunes...

    I'm hooked on the downloads! I love not having to mess around with the DVDs. Here is a question - is it possible to load a DVD into iTunes? There are some workouts I don't do enough to justify repurchasing the download however I would love to be able to shelf the DVD for good. Any insight...
  17. beskinny

    Food/Calorie/Workout Log App for iPod Touch?

    i just ordered an iPod Touch. I'm super excited! I have a question for the Touch/iPhone users out there - does anyone use an app to record their meals/calories & workouts? If you do what it is called? Thanks!! Off to check out the cathe download site. :)
  18. beskinny

    Workout Blender/Nutrition Software Offer

    Hello. I signed up for the nutrition software almost as soon as it was offered. The following was offered with it: Our One Year Gold Premium Membership (All sales final.) includes use of the following: 1. One year of use of our online nutrition software (see demo on home page) 2. Once...
  19. beskinny


    I have a very, very large tomato harvest this year! I'm excited but I'm a little overwhelmed with what I should do with all of them. Any suggestions? I do own a pressure cooker and have canned in the past. Just looking for something more creative. ;)
  20. beskinny

    Any good (healthy) rhubarb recipes?

    I have a TON of rhubarb this year. I have quite a few recipes but none of them healthy. :p Does anyone have healthy rhubarb recipes? If so, please share!!