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  1. missolive

    Anyone running the Boston Marathon?

    Is anyone out there running the Boston Marathon this year? I am!! It will be my first time, so I'm trying to make the most out the situation! I could never meet the qualifying standards to get in, so I chose to be a charity runner for an amazing charity called GoKids Boston. They provide...
  2. missolive

    How much space do I need per person for an aerobic floor?

    Hi Cathe! I was wondering if there is a formula to figuring out how much space you need per person when designing an aerobic floor? I'm trying to convince my husband that I need at least a 9 ft x 13 ft space, but he doesn't think I need that much room! (of course, when my sister comes to visit...
  3. missolive

    Aerobic Flooring-Did Anyone Make their Own?

    Hi Everyone! We are finally going to change part of the basement into my aerobic area! I have been doing lots of research on flooring. I am looking for something similar to Cathe's floor. Did anyone do the StageStep do-it-yourself installation? Is it really tall? Height is an issue in the...