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    Problem w/Creating Rotation

    SNM, when I try to create a rotation and select the workouut on the right side to be dragged on selected date, the moment I left click the workout everything dissapears. Please help. Thank you!
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    Question for FitnessFreakk

    Debbie, thank you for all the advise you give you give on this forum. I would love your input on a rotation I am planing to follow. I would like to put some muscles and lose body fat (in the same rotation:p) I would like to combine Slow and Heavy with Gym Style. I was thinking to do something...
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    Cathe, question on Meso 3

    Hi Cathe, I would like to know if Meso 3 will also help build muscle (like Meso 2) or it is only for strenght. Thanks for answering.
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    New Strenght Gloves- Sizing?

    How do the sizes run on these? If I take size 7.5 in regular gloves do I need S or M? Thanks
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    SNM: When does the 20% coupon expires?

    The coupon that we got after pre-ordering calendars
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    SNM- new lifiting gloves and bands?

    SNM-I was wondering if you will have the travel workout band and new lifting gloves available for purchase before end of the year .I would like to use my 20% off before it expires. Thank you
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    website that counts calories,etc..

    Hi -I can't remember the website where you can input your daily foods and you can calculate your calores, it is not sparkpeople it has something with word fit...thanks!
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    How to remove doule STS ticker?

    Can someone please help me figure this out. Am I supposed to remove the HTML coding?
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    Question on DOMS

    Hi Cathe, I am sure you must be very busy with the STS cardio reharsal. When you get a chance can you tell me what is your opinion about DOMS? Are they neccasary for muscle growth? I am on my second roation of STS (6 months this time) and after my first disk, there is no DOMS. I did go to...
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    DOMS during STS roation

    OK, so I started second round of STS, this time 6 month rotation. I did disk 1 yesterday and to my surprise I have no DOMS today:( I have incresed my RM on many excersizes and was really working to failure yesterday. I even completed all the pushups (60% on my knees-but that's an improvement as...
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    Pull Ups assistance bands?

    Anyone knows were can I buy heavy duty pull up assistance bands. I have seen a link posted to the website on this forum, but can't find it now. TIA. Also, I read here about barbell clips that you can put on and off very fast. I have a troy light barbell. Thanks
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    Downloading older rotation in WM

    Is there a way to download older Cathe roation in WM or it has to be done manually? Thanks
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    Scale not moving down but clothes fit better

    I know we should not be concerned with the scale but I can't help, it really bothers me that is not moving down at all. My clothes fit better and today I tried some clothes that used to fit me when I was 15-20 lbs lighter. They fit perfectly. I don't believe that I have put on so much muscle. I...
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    4DS or CTX

    If you have both, which one do you prefer and why? I am trying to decide b/w the two. TIA
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    which workout will build muscles in legs and glutes

    Hi Cathe- I would like to put some muscles in lower part of the body. My buttocks are too flat and legs to skinny. I have Slow and Heavy, Butts and Guts, Legs and Glutes and STS. I can only do Slow and Heavy for limited amount of time and find the other 2 workouts not effective enough for adding...
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    which workout will build muscles in legs and glutes

    I would like to put some muscles in lower part of the body. My buttocks are too flat and legs to skinny. I have Slow and Heavy, Butts and Guts, Legs and Glutes and STS. I get bored with Slow and Heavy and find the other 2 workouts not effective ina dding some muscles. So I wondering if Gym Style...
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    Do you lift heavier weights after STS

    I finished 3.5 month STS last week and already miss it. I thought since I was able to increase the weights during the program, when I go back to other DVDs I should be able to lift heavier. Nope, its not happening. Could it be that other DVDs use different speeds and more reps ? I tried to...
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    Love PUB, but not so much PLB

    I finished STS last week and was really eager to go back to other workouts. So this week I started Pyramids. Loved the PUB and had some serious DOMS. Today was PLB and I felt so rushed with the contast change of weights on the barbell. I really had to watch for my back with all the weight...
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    Cathe-Meso 3 question

    Thank you for STS, what a great program! I am about to start meso 3. I was wondering if it is possible to gain muscle in meso 3 or is it specifically designed for strenght gains. Thanks!
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    Disk 19 issues

    I was just previewing disk 19 and noticed 2 issues. Standing lateral raise on the workout card has 3 sets (12 reps, 10 reps and last set to failure) in the actual workout Cathe does not do the 3rd set to failure, its 8 rep set. Seated front press - these are supposed to go up in 5%...