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  1. WD

    Pentagenarians & Beyond: WB 11/1

    Getting us started with a new thread. Not sure if I will do anything today. I only slept 5 hours again. I just wake up after an hour or two, coughing and mind all over the place for silly things and it is a struggle from then on. Valerie, both of my slow cookers always boiled things to...
  2. WD

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2020

    Getting us started. Belinda, I bet you are a mess!! I hope your daughter's dog will be alright. I am sure you are beside yourself with worry. This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Weights Circuit. Kelly now has work sheets for some of the Raw weight workouts on her website. This was 31 (28...
  3. WD

    Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/12/2020

    Getting us a thread started for this week :D This morning I did Coffeyfit Raw 5 day strength day #1 back and biceps, 38 minutes, 138 calories, heart rate average 118, max 158, 309 steps. I wanted to do Step Sync, but will save that for tomorrow. Weights today Back 1 arm row 25# 10 reps 5...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019

    Getting us started for a new month. Debbie, Stacked sets Lower and Upper are dvds from Cathe's Lite series. I have been purchasing them one at a time. I love my time with God! People do not know what they are missing and I think many adults do not know who God really is. Belinda, the...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for February 2019!!

    I realized we need to start a new thread for February. I am hoping to get in cardio tomorrow. I am not sure what it will be yet. Kelly is supposed to put up a new Ripped and Ride on her Raw channeL this weekend.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs December 2018

    I realized we had not started a December Check in. This morning I did Les Mills on Demand body pump #105, 60 minutes, met 4.2. 278 calories, 1,174 steps, 106 average heart rate, 142 max. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Stretch first 15 minutes, met 2.0, 33 calories. Total time was , 75...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs NOVEMBER 2018

    Getting our November check in started. No workout today. We got up early to do an early voting since my husband is often home after the polls close on election day. I may do some stretching later or try to do a quick workout in the morning before church.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs OCTOBER 2018

    I am just getting this started since we are still doing September. Time just seems to be flying by :)
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs September 1, 2018

    New #47 This morning I did Cathe Live Low Impact Hiit and Upper Body, 54 minutes, met 5.8, 346 calories, 2,661 steps. I followed it with Coffey Fit Raw stretch, 25 minutes, 55 calories. Total time 401 calories, 79 minutes. Upper Body weights Shoulders overhead press 15# dbs 16 reps second round...
  10. WD

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for August 2018

    Getting the August check in started. I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio Hiit, 34 minutes, heart rate average 129, max 158, 222 calories, 2,397 steps. I then did Cathe Live Birthday Bash 2017, just the boxing portion and stretch, 30 minutes, heart rate average 129, max 158, 2,337 steps, 196...
  11. WD

    Question on viewing Cathe Live

    Question, do you have to sign up for the Cathe on Demand package to use the Roku on demand app. I just want Cathe Live. I have the dvds.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JUNE 2018

    Today is a rest day. I am just hanging around the house this afternoon. Roselyn, nice job getting through the Bulk workouts of Body Best. I always added some extra cardio to those workouts.
  13. WD

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2018

    I thought I would go ahead and start us a May thread :) This morning I did Piyo strength intervals which is yoga/pilates based moves strength alternated with cardio, pretty low intensity. This was 23 minutes, 147 calories, heart rate average 114, max 141,, 1,192 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for February 2018

    Today I did the rest of the Christi Taylor workout I got at the library, Cardio Core, 35 minutes, 228 calories, heart rate average 128, met 5.9, 3,668 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Build and Burn Cardio Core, 27 minutes, 185 calories met 6.2, heart rate 131 average, 170 max, 2,074 steps. I...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for January 2018

    Here is our 2018 check in. I totally forgot :D Thanks Roselyn!
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    Pay Pal and download code

    I was wondering when the download code will be sent to those of us who paid with Pay Pal or Amazon Pay. I ordered the dvds and download package with Pay Pal.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2017

    I am just starting us a new thread. I posted my workout on the October check in.
  18. WD

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check in for August 2017

    I am getting us started. Hoping to do some cardio. I have such bad shoulder and neck pain this morning. It seems to be getting worse even though I am not doing upper work. I took Excedrin this morning. Phone problems go on as well. The replacement came and after setting up has the same...
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    Hardcore check in for June 2017

    I just noticed we are still checking in on May so starting us a June check in. Jolie, just in case you hadn't found the Cathe Live Spreadsheet, here is the link
  20. WD

    Hardcore Check In for May 2017

    No workout yet. I just thought I would start the May thread. Debbie, that seems like such a low calorie burn for that much work. Your weights were not light, but sometimes after getting the initial feel you can go heavier and that does make the difference. Maybe you will like the next...