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  1. acarolinagurl

    SILS Hysterectomy

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had the SILS hysterectomy? I'm scheduled to have one later this year. The Doctor went over everything with me and I've done a little research online. My doctor told me the recovery time is much faster and the surgery is less invasive than...
  2. acarolinagurl

    Treadmill advice

    Hi everyone, I'm in search of a good treadmill, but my budget is only 800. I've looked at ProForm and Livestrong. Any suggestions? I will be doing more walking and my hubs will be running. Thanks!
  3. acarolinagurl

    HRT Monitor ???

    Hi Everyone, I have a Polar HR monitor, it is the wrist watch only, it doesn't have the strap that goes around my chest. I didn't won't that one. I haven't used my HR monitor in a while now, as it was confusing to me and I didn't feel I was getting an accurate reading, due to my lack of...
  4. acarolinagurl

    When to Eat?

    Needing help with my post w/o meals: I get all of my workouts in after work. I get started on my w/o around 6pm, and I do at least 50 to 60 min w/o's. My question is: I know I shouldn't eat past 7pm, but I don't get finished working out til 7/7:15. I've heard that I should wait an hour...
  5. acarolinagurl

    Good Work Out Shoes

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but any suggestions for a great pair of workout shoes. I am looking for a pair of shoes that are good for step, walking, high impact workouts! Pretty much any of Cathe's workouts! :) Thanks in advance!
  6. acarolinagurl

    Dry Hair - What shampoos are good for this

    I have dry hair and in desparate need of a shampoo and conditioner especially for this, that actually works and will leave my hair shinny and soft. I use Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner/hydrating. Just a few things to add that I think is causing the dryness, is 1. Well water, it's hard and has...
  7. acarolinagurl

    Finally got my DVD's

    I'm so excited, I was only able to view them at a quick glance, but they look good and the picture is fine on my TV. I can't wait to try them! I want to hit Intensity first, but I can see I will not make it through the entire w/o. Whew, I got exhausted just watching it. I will do what I can...
  8. acarolinagurl

    So ANGRY!

    I find out today that my DVD's have been returned to sender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Post Office here is terrible! I put my street address as I thought the DVD's would be delivered to my house via UPS, didn't pay attention it was USPS! My fault, but my husband called our Post Office...
  9. acarolinagurl


    Hi Everyone, Needing advice on juicing. I just started juicing in the past 3 days. I like it, but I feel with the juicer I have (Cuisinart Centrifugal) I may be wasting more of the fruits and veggies, when I see all of the pulp it leaves behind. I need more information on the nutritional...
  10. acarolinagurl

    Ulcerative Colitis

    Does anyone here have UC? If so, what foods do you eat that work for you during a flare up. I'm taking Lialda 1.2 GM daily. I am currently having a flare and the only thing I can think of that has caused this one is from an antibiotic I had to take for a bacterial infection. It's seems to be...
  11. acarolinagurl

    A strange encounter with a hairstylist!!!

    I had the most bizzare experience today when I went to get highlights today. I've had highlights many times in my life, but never have I experienced her "method" of doing the highlights. First this was my first time with this stylist. I told her I wanted some highlights and she asked if I...
  12. acarolinagurl

    Hip Hop Abs?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if any of you have these workouts by Shawn T and are they worth the money and time? I just previewed them, of course it was the infomercial, and I want to know if these dvds are really fun and productive on weight loss. Thanks in advance! :)
  13. acarolinagurl

    Thank You Cathe!

    Hi Cathe, Thanks so much for the great workouts! It was especially kind of you to go the extra mile for us with the surprise gift! It wasn't expected at all, but it was that extra mile you took for all of us for something that was totally out of your control and I really admire you for all...
  14. acarolinagurl

    What if I need to change my shipping information for my order.

    I was just needing to know how I can change my shipping information for my pre-sale order? Thanks! :-) :-) :-)
  15. acarolinagurl

    What is my body type?

    Hello Everyone, I've read about body types, but how does one know what they're body shape is? For instance, I'm 5'7" and currently 144lbs. I tend to gain weight and hold it in my middle. Just under my rib cage and around to my back. I don't have that much of a weight problem below my hips...
  16. acarolinagurl do you do it?

    Hi Sarah, I've posted here just a few times, I mostly enjoy lurking about and every once in a while I'll see a topic that I will respond to. To get to my question for you, I think you are absolutely beautiful and can tell you work hard to get your body in the shape that it's in. I would...
  17. acarolinagurl

    Fat around the waste.

    Hi Cathe, I hope you're healing process is going well. I can't imagine how you're feeling. I do hope you recover completely and can get back to doing what you love! :-) First, let me start by saying that since I found you 2 yrs ago, with eating right and doing your excersise programs I...
  18. acarolinagurl

    Feels like Christmas all over again!

    Hi Everyone! I'm a little excited, as my husband bought me a Polar F11 yesterday, and I can't wait to use it, also I just purchased PowerHour+! I can't wait to get them, got something to look forward to this week! I need it too. I have Power Hour, but wanted the others too, anywho...just...
  19. acarolinagurl

    Help with DVD Purchase

    Good Morning Everyone, I'm new to posting, but have been reading the forums for quite a while now. I decided to ask for help on which DVD's to purchase next, until I get my pre-order DVD's. I just need something new to keep me going with my weight loss, I want to lose another 10 lbs. I'm...