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    Thoughts and Prayers to Boston

    It's a sad day today that people who are examples of endurance, strength, and stamina were viciously attacked while finishing the Boston Marathon. Lots of thoughts and prayers to the runners, volunteers, and all that have been affected by this senseless act of violence.

    Dizziness / Light headed feeling during workouts

    Hi Cathe (or anyone else who wants to chime in!), I have been working out with my neighbor who is 59 and is a bit overweight. We have been doing many of the X-Train workouts and twice now after weights towards the end of weight workouts, she has experienced a feeling like the room was...

    Free Rushfit DVD!

    Rushfit is offering a free workout to the first 200 people that sign up. I have the whole program and it's pretty good!

    Mirena IUD & Migraines?

    I am thinking about getting the Minera IUD but I am worried that it may cause an increase in migraines. Does anyone have one and did you notice any adverse side effects like frequent migraines?

    rip 60

    Does anyone have rip60? If so, what do you think about the program?

    P90x vs Insanity vs Rushfit

    Hi there! I was researching Rushfit and came across this great article that does a very detailed comparison between P90x, Insanity, and Rushfit. I wound up buying Rushfit but I thought other people might be interested in the comparison. By the way, if you are interested in purchasing...

    Weight workout form stops calculating percentages

    If a user adds more than 12 entries to a weight workout, the form will stop calculating the percentage of the 1RM that should be used for that exercise. I saw this error occur on both IE 9 and Chrome. Steps to reproduce: 1. From the Workout Manager, click on the "Workouts" icon 2. Select...

    Slanted Riser workout

    It would be nice to have a Cathe workout that uses the slanted risers!

    1RM Exercises List the wrong equipment

    Exercises #140 and #531 under the 1RM calculator show the wrong equipment needed. #140 says dumbells are used when a barbell is used instead. #531 says that a barbell is used when instead a dumbbell is needed.

    Super Easy DVDs

    Hi there! I am trying to help my mom be more active. She wants to loose weight plus the exercise would help her control her sugar (diabetic) and stress levels. I tried to get her hooked on Cathe by giving her a step, the Basic Step DVD, and Travel Fit to increase her strength with the band...

    Slimmed down comfort food

    I received this link in my email (I subscribe to Eat This and Not That!) and all of the recipes looked so tasty that I thought I would share the link with the group. Enjoy! Comfort Food Recipes | Women's Health Magazine

    Display the weight used in the last STS workout

    It would be super handy if the page that displays the STS workout information (the one that is displayed when a user adds a new STS workout or edits an STS workout from the calendar) also display the weight used last and the date of the workout. This would help people to adjust their workout...

    P90x & Workout Manager

    Hi there! I am going to start 90x in April and was wondering if anyone had used the workout manager also track their P90x workouts. If so, how did you do it? Thanks!

    Weider PowerSwitch 100 lb. Weight Set

    Does any one own this set of dumbbells? Sears is running a good deal of them right now....very tempting. If you do own them, how long have you had them and do you like them?

    Push It

    Welcome to the Push It group! This group was originally founded to motivate people to increase their pushup count. However, please please please feel free to join even if you don't want to do the pushups. This group is open to members of any fitness level who are doing any fitness program...

    Possibly got Trojans and a virus from

    Hello all, There is a thread going on in the Ask Cathe section about receiving notification about an attack on your system when going to the forums. It is quite possible that if you are receiving these message that you have a trojan or two on your system and the internet secuirty virus...


    Has anyone else been following this guy? I think it's pretty interesting what he did and a bit inspiring! Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit | Personal Trainer | Weight Loss

    Date of One Rep max test

    It would be very helpful if there was a way to see the date of all of the One Rep Max tests on one page. Right now, the only way is to view the date is the click on the history for each test.

    Turbo Barre or Lower Body Blast?

    I am thinking about getting some new DVDs with the 30% off coupon Cathe is offering when you pre-order. I can't decide between Turbo Barre and Lower Body Blast. I already have STS and Butts and Guts...maybe that should be enough. I have heard really good things though about Turbo Barre and...

    CTX Bugs in the workout manager

    Hello, The workout manager has two bugs under the CTX Sections. The first one is that the Met value for All Abs is listed as 0. The second one is just a has a workout listed as "Step & Inverals" instead of "Step & Intervals". Thanks!