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    A big warm thank you to all of our Disney World Road Trippers

    Thank you Cathe for another fabulous weekend. I didnt get to go to the fireworks because I left Monday morning and give you a hug but I'm sure I will see you again. I also wanted to thank my 2 1/2 roomates Tanya, Lyn and Jen it was so much fun meeting and rooming with ya'll. These road trips are...
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    Monday in Disney ?

    Hi Stupid question I am wondering about Monday I didnt see any post about this so if I missed something I apologize. I guess the Disney RT is going to run to the 5th since Mondays activities are running so late in the day, But for the peeps who have to work on the 5th if we are to go to...
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    Colorado Or Bust

    Thank you all so much for your replies I have to work on convincing my husband who is on the fence but hopefully the next time I post it will be from Colorado.
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    Colorado Or Bust

    I am thinking about moving to Colorado Springs I currently live in NJ and hate it here. I've been to Colorado and fell in love but am wondering with the times we live in if its too risky finding work making friends etc. Is anyone here from the Springs area? What are the jobs like people like...
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    Daytona Auditions

    it sounds like you are getting it a little more than me, I am really new to step and I don't have STS so I am unfamiliar with some of the moves and what they are called so right about now I am freaking out. I wish I could get together with somone and work on this together so I could feel a...
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    Daytona Auditions

    Hi everyone going to Daytona am I the only one worried about the audition? I am not that savvy when it comes to what moves are called especially when it comes to step Is there any chance Cathe will show us the moves on Cathe TV or on video at the auditions? I would prefer to see them beforehand...
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    How to get to hotel from airport

    Jodi you should definately go we could be roomates we'll have so much fun Diana
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    new career path for a middle aged woman

    I was thinking of becoming a paramedic also I did volunteer for my local squad because they pay for EMT school and then I would continue on to Paramedic school I say go for it its never too late to learn
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    Casting Call

    actually I am wondering the same thing does the casting call end in Daytona or will it continue to all cities also what will the audition look like will there be someone in the room to follow or will the person just wing it? just curious
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    Might there be a STS/Shock cardio bundle

    i was wondering the same thing
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    The Thank You Cathe Photos

    will we be seeing pictures of The Thank you Cathe segment showed at the RT?
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    RT Performance Anxiety!

    I went for the first time last year and I was nervous as well but it was soooo much fun don't worry about messing up or keeping up just go meet new people eat and have a blast.I wish I were going so I can meet you maybe next year. Diana
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    Tristaters ? 4 u

    sounds great Thanks Have a good time
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    Tristaters ? 4 u

    Hi Gayle it's Diana one of your FB friends I live not too far from you in Belvidere NJ no I am not attending this years RT Boo hoo I gave up my spot because I couldnt get off from work but I will be waiting patiently for next year. Thanks for posting a reply and maybe I will see you after the...
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    Tristaters ? 4 u

    Hi all I just joined your group and was wondering when the next get together would be I was hoping I can join you
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    Greetings From NYC

    Cathe it was so great to see you again thank you so much for including us it was so much fun. It was great to meet some new Catheites as well Diana
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    EB and unwanted advertising - vent

    I dont think anyone should get flamed for having an opinion but to me I really don't give a hoot what she does I just want to work out.
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    Thanks for NYC

    Cathe Thank You so much for inviting us to NYC it was so much fun, and it was great to see you again. It was kind of like a mini Road Trip thanks again
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    Getting Ready to head into NYC

    I will be in the am class see you there.
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    June 25th

    thanks for the information