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    Monday in Disney ?

    Hi Stupid question I am wondering about Monday I didnt see any post about this so if I missed something I apologize. I guess the Disney RT is going to run to the 5th since Mondays activities are running so late in the day, But for the peeps who have to work on the 5th if we are to go to...
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    Colorado Or Bust

    I am thinking about moving to Colorado Springs I currently live in NJ and hate it here. I've been to Colorado and fell in love but am wondering with the times we live in if its too risky finding work making friends etc. Is anyone here from the Springs area? What are the jobs like people like...
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    Daytona Auditions

    Hi everyone going to Daytona am I the only one worried about the audition? I am not that savvy when it comes to what moves are called especially when it comes to step Is there any chance Cathe will show us the moves on Cathe TV or on video at the auditions? I would prefer to see them beforehand...
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    The Thank You Cathe Photos

    will we be seeing pictures of The Thank you Cathe segment showed at the RT?
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    Tristaters ? 4 u

    Hi all I just joined your group and was wondering when the next get together would be I was hoping I can join you
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    Thanks for NYC

    Cathe Thank You so much for inviting us to NYC it was so much fun, and it was great to see you again. It was kind of like a mini Road Trip thanks again
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    June 25th

    I am just curious if we will be getting a little more information about the Egglands thing. I see on the Blog that somepeople asked good questions but I dont see any replies or is it somewhere and I missed it? Thanks
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    weird ?

    I was wondering if anyone gets itchy when they sweat I sometimes do and was thinking it was from the lotion I use does anyone alse have this problem?
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    David Goldman

    I saw this story on Dateline it's all over the news now if anyone wants to sign the petition to help him get his kidnapped son back here is the link[/url]
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    JusT curious

    changed mind
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    Team Relay

    I just had a quick question about the team relay races. How are the teams picked? I would like to be in it but don't know anyone
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    Beloved Heather

    I just read your experience from last year's road trip an I wanted to thank you for it.It is so well written and makes me want to attend this year's road trip all the more. i hope that everyone gets a chance to go to experience it and I hope I get to meet you some day fitladydi (Diana)
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    America's fit Idol

    I was just curious what the auditions will be like or do we have to wait for the road trip to find ou?
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    another question

    This question was probably asked already and maybe I missed it but will there be alternate workouts on STS for the people who don't have all of the equipment? I don't really have the room yet for slant boards and chin up bars and I saw Cathe on the blog with 80 pound weighted barbell I only have 50.
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    Pet Photo

    Hi Everyone I entered a pet photo contest and hoped people would go view it and while your there you could rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. If you like the picture you would obviously rate it higher than if you don't. Just click on the link and it willl take you right to it.Thanks so much...
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    still on the fence

    Hi Cathe I am still on the fence about ordering STS I guess I feel like why do I need it if I get results using your other workouts. Also what is your policy on returning workouts if they dont workout for us or if we just dont care for them? Go Giants!
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    Hi Cathe I was just curious if the background on your four day split is Cabo San Lucas? I went there in November and loved it and am going back at the beginning of the year. It does look like it.