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    Can't Login into On Demand (again) and when I could, could not use the Blender....What's happening

    Hi. A few issues: 1) I have not been able to login into On Demand more than twice since I started paying for the service. 2) When I could get in, I could not use on demand as the only choice it made available for me was the 4DS series, nothing else even shows on the screen. I know my...
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    Can't login to renew Streaming Account

    Hi. I did the free trial for streaming but didn't sign up right away after the trial. Now, I'm trying to sign up for the membership but I can't login. I know I'm using the correct password. However, I opted to change the password and requested a new one. I never received anything after trying...
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    Metabolic Blast clip is On You Tube now!

    I know it'll be posted here in the forum shortly but if you can't wait, go there to see it. I looks like another winner.
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    New ICE Downloads won't play on my Kindle 8 HD

    Hi. I was under the impression that the downloads will play on any device, not just Apples. The files are M4V and will not play on my Windows computers nor my Kindle which I purchased a few months ago. I've looked through some of the threads here and it appears that the files should play on...
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    Hey Cathe (or Chris), Please answer this so I can sleep at night...

    Hi Cathe, Chris and/or SNM Team, I admit it. I'm one of those nerds that watch "the credits" at movies and on T.V. I read liner notes from albums and CDs. I like to know who did what. I'm also a very curious person. Over the past few years, your videos have had one name in the credits that...
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    New Workout Update is in the Newsletter

    Hi Cathletes, Check your newsletter for an update (as of 5/30) on the status of the new Fit Tower workouts. I posted it in another thread. I hesitate to post it here in a new thread since I'm sure will get to it when they can. I don't want to "drive in their lane". The Newsletter...
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    Web Interview that Cathe did...

    I just came across this web interview Cathe did that appears to be from a few months back (prior to most recent road trips). Maybe it's already floated around the forum and I am again, late to the party. My time on the forum ebbs and flows so I try to soak in as much as I can while the...
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    Collage Videos is Back! Banner has nice nod to Cathe

    I was looking for one of Cathe's live clips on youtube yesterday and came across something referring to Collage Video. I accidentally subscribed to it and today they sent an email about their new website. I went to it and it's back! One cool thing is that the rotating banner. It first shows...
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    1 Rep Max Made Easy-er

    I didn't create this sheet. I found it on another fitness forum I happened upon. It was made back in 2009. Someone asked her for it recently so she posted a link to it. It has the 1RM tests categorized by body part. I think it makes the process seem much more user friendly with no dread factor...
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    Got mine in California!

    The workouts have made it to California! I'm in Orange County. The priority mail box was waiting for me when I got home a few minutes ago. Yabba Dabba doo! Be encouraged fellow Californians. You'll have your workouts soon. Fitness Friend, Teals
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    Maybe this is old news, Collage Video has the clips up

    I saw the Collage Video clips last week. Some of the footage is different from what is on the Shop Cathe site. I guess it's sort of moot to mention now since most of us will have our videos this week. For those like me, that have to wait a little longer and want to see more of what we will...
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    Wrong Workouts in Rotation for "STS Total Body Recharge"

    The "STS Total Body Recharge" Rotation has the regular STS Workouts listed. The only STS Workouts should be for the Total Body Workout. I printed what was posted on the website but I wanted to add the workout to my workout manager. Thanks, Cecilia Brown "Teals"
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    Bad Link in Cathe Rotations Thread

    Hi SNM, This link takes me to the forums main page instead of to the rotation info. April '07- Intense Cardio/Heavy Lifting/Clean Eating Thanks, Teals
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    for SNM - Cathe TV & Cathe CAM

    When I went to sign up for the email I saw the "Cathe Cam" and "Cathe TV" tabs. What TOTALLY COOL features. I clicked through but I can't get either of them to work at this point so I'm thinking that they are not fully functional yet. If that's the case, do you know when they will be up and...
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    Congratulations Cathe (and Eric & Kyle)

    A little bird told us that both Eric & Kyle graduated this week. A big CONGRATULATIONS to them and to you. :P They grow up so fast, don't they? Teals
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    A Twilight Zone-ish Question for Cathe

    Hey Cathe, Teals here. I was wondering something a little silly, I guess... Do you ever workout at home to YOUR OWN workouts and if so, does it feel strange? :o
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    to Kathryn

    Hi Kathryn, You seem to be one of the more helpful and knowledgable people in the forum. I noticed that if no one else bothers to reply to a post you will with great insight and information. You gave me some great advice a few month back as well. I also saw your post to Amy offering to send...
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    Cathy, Why Can't I...

    Hi Cathe, I'm a larger framed woman,6 ft tall. I love your workouts. You truly are the best. As far as I can tell, we are about the same age. YOU, are infinitely in much better shape than I but I am trying to at least get in your ballpark. I have two questions. The first one is about the...
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    Tofu Chocolate Mousse Recipe

    Hello, Here is the Chocolate Mousse Recipe I mentioned in the "Ask Cathe" forum with the subject, Eating Disorder. I'll post the basic recipe here. I have notes that I emailed to others who requested the recipe that will be helpful. Too long to put here though. I saved it as a PDF(adobe...