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    Help End The Violence. Please read

    Oh but remember, to save the most innocent plant lives you of course would have to stop eating animals. As already stated, animals don't run on sunshine... ;)
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    Carribean Red Beans & Quinoa

    You know it's funny because I thought it was beautiful! I used black quinoa, so with that and the dark red beans, the bright green olives, the red and green bell peppers, it was quite aesthetically pleasing! The author Susan Voisin can be pretty funny. One of my favorite posts I read...
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    low fat eating

    Hi Renee, I eat a low fat plant based diet. Now it's still possible to eat a high fat plant based diet with lots of oil, nuts, and avocado, but if you eat plant based and minimize those things, then you automatically have a low fat diet. I like it because it's pretty brainless :) I eat as...
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    Carribean Red Beans & Quinoa

    I made this for the first time last night and it is definitely going in the keeper category! Had leftovers for lunch today, and just kept saying, "Wow. Wow". It's so tasty! Caribbean Beans and Quinoa | recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen Don't skip any of the ingredients and don't forget...
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    Too much soy?

    Hi JT, This video may shed some light on the subject for you: How Much Soy Is Too Much? | All of the articles you see in the video are available underneath the video in the "Sources Cited" tab if you would like to read them yourself. For more context on IGF-1, see...
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    super tight hamstrings?

    Hi Candiceena, I've always dealt with this problem as well. It seems my hamstrings have always been stronger than my quads, and anytime I work my butt or hamstrings they get super worked up. I'm always thinking, settle down hamstrings! Gosh! Anyway, maybe try the foam rolling again? It's...
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    Article link: Strong is the new skinny: celebrations!

    So does it bother you at all that she called Bush a stupid twit or do you only think women should be spared the term? Or is it the hostile language itself you disagree with, and you would have preferred if both Palin and Bush were referred to perhaps as 'intellectually unformidable', or some...
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    Pre-workout snack/meal/supplement?

    Do you keep track of your calories at all? Are you sure that you're getting enough throughout the day? The nutritional stats of the shake you posted really should be enough if you needed something just to get you through your workout. I can understand the mental motivation from drinking a...
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    Confused about resistance bands

    I don't think it'd really be possible to get a single recommendation from other people. Something like this would be different for every person based on fitness level, height, the specific exercises you're doing with them, and even how you want to approach each exercise (e.g. "heavy" with low...
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    Ballet Beautiful, Xtend Barre, Exhale?

    I bought a number of the exhale workouts and returned them all. The segments to me felt very brief, and I never felt like I really got into a muscle before the segment ended and we were stretching. I found it irritating to spend an hour working out but not feel like I got anything out of it. I...
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    Dulse - why did the price go up?

    Do you have any ethnic/import groceries near you? I've found that a lot of the more "exotic" foods that are a little more pricey at a regular grocery store or health food store can be a lot cheaper at an ethnic grocery. I've never tried dulse. Can I ask how you use it? What the taste is...
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    Dulse - why did the price go up?

    In my line of work we use a lot of agar (a product of algae) and I've heard rumors of possible shortages due to the tsunami in Japan. Maybe they're related? Does the company source its seaweed from Japan? Sorry I don't have any brands to recommend, I don't really like the stuff. It's one of...
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    I am sooo sick of the word "diet"

    When I first started eating vegan, my boyfriend would kind of jokingly say, "this is just a phase". I was like, whatever you say, maybe it is, maybe it isn't, who knows. And then at one point we had a disagreement, it wasn't even about food, I think it was about me not wanting to attend some...
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    Cortisone Shots

    I've had cortisone shots three times. Twice for (the same) bad knee injury, and once in the feet for plantar fasciitis. Each time was completely different depending on who administered it (and whether they added an anesthetic! Make sure that they do!) and the state of the injury in the first...
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    Anyone have experience with cat urinating outside of box?

    My mom swears by this stuff! Cat Attract The vet told her it's like crack for cats. It seems to work well for her old crazy cat. :)
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    5/2 Diet

    An alternative to fasting Hi janiejoey, The Ecuadorian study is indeed fascinating. It may interest you to know that a low fat plant-based diet decreases IGF-1 (by 9% after 11 days and by >50% for long term vegans) and also increases the levels of IGF-1-binding protein (also by ~50% long...
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    Peanut butter?

    I've done the same with my cheap little food processor. It probably takes longer than your vitamix, but it gets the job done.
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    Detoxing in a healthy way?

    Your instincts are right on, a high-plant food diet will clean you out. Increased fiber removes excess cholesterol and hormones from the body, and eating lower on the food chain minimizes exposure to those hormones and cholesterol in the first place, as well as to industrial pollutants present...
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    Breakfast ideas?

    I usually eat oatmeal but I keep a batch of oatmeal cookies in the freezer for hurried mornings- just oats, baking powder, mashed sweet potato, applesauce, pureed white beans, flaxseed, and I usually do either a cinnamon/raisin combo or blueberries/lemon zest. Sometimes I do a cocoa powder/dried...
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    For those who stopped drinking coffee.....

    For me I feel hungover for a couple days, then it's a lot better but still I think it's about a week until I'm free and clear. I've gone off coffee a few times ;) I also drink green tea with lemon in the morning. About 25 mg caffeine, which is low enough that if I skip a day I have no ill...