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    Picture of Cathe's springy floor?

    I am looking for a picture (I believe Beloved Heather posted it from the Road Trip?) of Cathe's floor with the foam spring underneath. I was wondering if anyone knows what topic it is under. I ran a search but came up empty. DH told me I can get some flooring like this, but it would be helpful...
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    Weighted vests in Meso 3?

    Is that a weighted vest that Cathe and the girls are wearing in the Meso 3 legs picture? If so, what brand is it? :-)
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    Weighted vests/weighted belts

    Hi Everyone, I posted this in the STS forum. I really would like your opinions on why you like or dislike the vests or the belts. Thank you so much for your response. Here goes with another weighted vest type question. I no longer have any room left for a squat rack in my room, so I am...
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    Weighted vests/weighted belts

    Here goes with another weighted vest type question.;-) I no longer have any room left for a squat rack in my room, so I am wondering which would be the best to get...a vest or a belt and why? I have been looking at the Ironwear vests for women. There is a green one that looks fairly comfortable...
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    When will shopping cart for STS be ready?

    Do you have an estimate as to what time the shopping cart will be ready for STS preorders on Saturday? :P :P :9
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    Price error in STS?

    Option A:Our Best Deal! (only $5.38 per DVD +S/H) Purchase Mesocycle #1, #2 and #3 (all 36 DVDs) and get Ab Circuits for Free Paid in Full at $199 + s/h (normal PIF price excluding Ab Circuits is $279 + s/h) When I multiply 36 x $5.38, I get $193.68 but 37 x $5.38 is $199.06. Is the...
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    Sony or Polaroid?

    If you had a choice between a Sony or a Polaroid portable DVD player with a 7 or 8 inch screen in the $ $150-170 range, which would you get? I am still at odds over a DVD player to take with me on a short vacation but have narrowed it down to these two. I want to take a few Cathe DVDs with me...
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    Portable DVD players

    Hi Everyone, What brand of portable DVD players do you use, especially when you leave home, in order to play Cathe's workouts? With all the problems some have had in playing Cathe's on older DVD players, I wondering which portable one will play okay. I get to take a small vacation this summer...
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    Neck strengthening execises?

    Hi Cathe, Could you recommend some exercises to strengthen the neck and shoulder area? We have found that my frequent (2-3 x per week)migraines are coming from my neck. I see a chiropractor once a week. Often by the time I get home my neck is "out" again. I have been doing your workouts for...
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    SNM Question about Blog

    Hello Cathe and Chris, I am really enjoying reading about Behind the Scenes. Thanks for allowing us to see all these wonderful and exciting details.:-) On the first day I noticed there were some comments listed on the bottom of the page. I clicked on them and noticed a place where I could...
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    Why can't I do rebounding?

    Hi my educated crowd friends, I have a problem that I cannot figure out. I would so much like your advice. Due to a degenerative lymphatic system at the present time, my doctor told me to do my exercises on a rebounder as opposed to my usual step, kickboxing, etc. I understand that the...
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    Which rebounder?

    Hi Everyone who uses a rebounder, What should I look for in buying one? I see a few on line. Some fold and others have bars, etc. There is a considerable difference in price ranges as well. Where did you get yours, and what brands do you like? Thanks for your help.
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    Rebounder vs plyo jumps

    Hi Cathe, I recently had a Meridian Stress Assessment test (from BioMeridian) which showed my lymphatic system is in a degenerative stage....long story... :( My doctor emphatically suggested I quit doing step cardio, kickboxing, etc., until I get my immune system built up. She says I can do...
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    Wanda got her job.

    Hi Everyone, Most of you knew I graduated from MT school and was interviewing for jobs. I finally found the job I was looking for. I start training this week on their software. I turned down 3 companies due to the 6-day per week requirments at a 5-hour stretch. This job gives me weekends off...
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    Hey hey everyone, Just noticing on Ask Cathe a subject about aerobic shoes. Seems like Ryka wins hands down. LOL Have any of you girls tried the new NIKE Shox? I see they have many colors to choose from and there is a new NIKE boot that seem like it would be great for lateral support...
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    O-ZoneLite lightbulbs?

    Has anyone tried these lightbulbs? I was just reading an advertizement that said these bulbs are supposed to eliminate airborne pathogens and destroy germs thereby keeping the air clean 23 hours even after the light is turned off. "The bulb is sprayed with titanium dioxide (found in rock). When...
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    Need Fitness advice

    Hi everyone, I have a slight dilemma with my neighbor, and I would love to have your advice and suggestions as to what to say to her and how to proceed. The last week of July, she came to me for my assistance in helping her lose weight. Since her goal is to lose 50 pounds by this December...
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    Graduation at last!

    Hi Everybody, Just wanted to let you all know, after 2 years of training, I finally graduated from medical transcription school. I am now a medical language specialist, which is the new term for medical transcriptionist. This, I believe, has been the hardest thing I have ever done! There is a...
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    Music on new DVDs

    Cathe, 1. What will the music be like on your new beginner/intermediate DVDs? Will it me similar to your other Beginner workout Body Fusion, or more like the Intensity series, the Hardcore series, or something different altogether? 2. Will you lower the intensity with the bpm or with less...
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    I need you.

    I have been on this forum for many years, and I have taken much more from all of you than I have given back. I really need you now! I have been studying hard for the past 18 months or so to be in the medical field. I have 6 months to go!!! I had become very stressed out and overwhelmed, so much...