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    Allmax Isoflex protein powder

    I was wondering if anyone ever tried this brand or use this brand? If so, how's the taste? I normally use BSN and Cytosport brands but I'm bored with these. Any input is appreciated. :-) Lisa
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    Shipping date!

    I received an email from SNM...If all goes well, they will begin shipping the new dvds on Monday the 15th of this month! YAY!
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    Pitbulls Mauled a Woman in her bed

    Here's an article. I'm pretty sure their main "prey" was the poor Jack Russell terror. What is wrong with people? (this post is not meant to start an argument. I just have never heard of a strange dog breaking into someone's home at night to attack) GIG HARBOR, Wash. (Aug. 22) - Two pit...
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    For Hemp Eaters

    Hi, I bought some bagels by French Meadow with mostly hemp in it. Forgot what it's called. Is hemp supposed to smell bad? Whenever I toast it, it comes out smelling kind of fishy. The taste is pretty decent. Not my favorite taste but good enough to eat if I ignore the flavor a bit. LOL What...
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    AllWildGirl or anyone else

    I like drinking Gourmet Whey however does not have some flavors I'd like to try so I was wondering if you know of any other good websites I can order it from? GNC is supposed to carry these but I've never seen them in the store. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :-) Lisa
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    For Ohioans or Near Ohio "Arnold Classics"

    Hi, I have tickets for the Arnold Classics Amateur body building show for next friday 3/2. I won't be able to go due to some conflicts and would hate to see it go unused. I also have one ticket to the expo. If someone wants to go to the expo with you, you can purchase another ticket for the...
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    Pregnancy lollipops

    When I was pregnant 3 yrs ago, I remember an ad about lollipops for pregnant women to help with nausea so they can get some vitamins, etc...A friend of mine's wife is pregnant and she has bad nausea, etc so before I recommend the pops to him, do any of you guys know the name or brand of it...
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    Anyone here speak Romanian or Hungarian?

    If so, could you help me with translating some English words to either Romanian or Hungarian? Or which website is very good for that? I looked at a couple and they all sucked. Thanks! Lisa :)
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    Belly Piercing

    Hey girls, I have a question about belly piercing....I'm thinking about getting mine done today HOPEFULLY...My question is can you work out the next day after you get your belly pierced? Will the pants/shorts irritate the piercing? Also, how much does it hurt? LOL A few girls at the gym said...
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    Hey, I need to talk to you about a pitbull pup. I have a few questions to ask you about them. Someone dumped a 12 week old female puppy on my property and I took her in mainly because it's raining and now she's starting to wear on me. I have a 11 month old female german shepherd, too. They...
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    Thomas the Train

    Hi, I tried to sell the tickets on ticketweb but they're being a pain. I have tickets to Thomas the Train in Strasburg, PA and I was wondering if anyone would want to buy them? I have 5 tickets for the 10:15 train ride on Thomas. The express shipping is included the price. If anyone is...
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    My dad and I were talking about immigrants from Ellis Island back in the time. We saw his grandparents' names on the list. Anyway, I was wondering what everyone's nationalities are? This always interest me because I like knowing where their ancestors came from. Mine are Italian/Slavic. Lisa :-)
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    Recovery drink

    I was wondering if you ladies could help me... I'm looking for a good, top quality recovery drink. I've been drinking P90X Recovery drink and it works so well. However, you know how BB take weeks to deliver your stuff? I just ordered more 2 days ago. While I'm waiting for the BB order, I'd like...
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    Hi, My husband and I are talking about adopting a child. We have 2 kids together. I'm not sure if I'm able to have another one due to my pregnancy problems (severe, severe water retention, high blood pressure but no diseases of any kind. My body just simply hates being pregnant although I...
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    Long Sleeved T-Shirts

    Hi guys, I could use some help here. I'm going on a vacation next month HOPEFULLY. The weather is not going to be hot or cold. I'm looking for athletic long sleeved t-shirts. Like a baby doll t-shirt kind. I already have quite a few regular light shirts. It could have 2 in one look. If you...
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    This is very cute...
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    Hi, For all those who were wondering what happened to Cathy. I got in touch with her the other day as she's been in my thoughts. They found a small tumor in her breast. She's been sick on and off. She said she will be back on the forums as soon as she feels better. She misses posting on here...
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    Georgia Peach Fit!!

    I wanted to tell you you look awesome! I had no idea you'd be 40 this year. I've always thought you were close to my age, 27-30. :) Lisa
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    Paper Shredder

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone recommend a good paper shredder? I have boxes filled with old credit card bills, important papers I don't need anymore. I do not want to deal with identity theft or whatnot. I'm going to Target today and I'd like to take a look. Thanks!! Lisa :-)
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has a puggle? I know someone here has one. I'd like to know more about them so could you please PM me? Thanks! Lisa