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    ~*~We're In This Together~*~ Oct-Dec

    Starting a new thread for the next few months. BBL :cool:
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    Best exercise for strong shoulder's

    I HAD to share this vid with all of you. I have been doing this exercise for about 1 month now and I'm seriously impressed with how amazing my shoulder's feel. I do this move pre-workout and on my recovery days: Best Exercise for Strong Shoulders - YouTube Just a note about Elliott, he tends...
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    Video: Pull up tips by Shawna K

    For anyone who is interested in performing unassisted pull ups or increasing their pull up count, I found this video by the Pull Up Queen Shawna K. She holds the record for the most consecutive pull ups (20!). pull up tips shawna k - YouTube I just bought the band featured in the video...
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    Video: Only ONE exercise matters (habit)

    I have recently discovers Elliott Hulse from Strength Camp. I absolutely LOVE this dude! I came across some very motivational youtube vids of his and wanted to share them with all of you. I would encourage all of you to peruse his youtube vids because they contain some pretty awesome stuff...
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    KCM 30min to Fitness L.I.F.T

    Is anyone familiar with this DVD? Here is a quick link: 30 Minutes to Fitness- L.I.F.T..wmv - YouTube I don't own any of KCM w/o's, but this one really caught my eye :eek:. For anyone that does her w/o's in general, how do you like them? (I'm looking at mostly her weight-training w/o's as...
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    Healthy foods you just CAN'T stomach

    Anyone else hate beets? I've tried...many times. Ya, ya I know they're healthy :rolleyes: but I find them gross [enter yuck face here]. I'm all for greens (love kale!) but I can't stand collard greens [another yuck face over here]. Don't leave me hanging over it's your turn ;)...
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    ~*~We're In This Together~*~ (June-Sept)

    BB later to report!
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    Anyone try PB2?

    Specifically the powdered version? I'm intrigued :p. Here is the link: Bell Plantation - PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter and More! TIA! Natasha
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    Girls Gone Strong

    These group of women are incredible :eek:. Girls Gone Strong, "Meeting of the Minds" 11/11/2011 - YouTube ENJOY!
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    If anyone is interested in STS M3...

    No Plyo Legs (sorry :() + Squat Rack. Please PM directly. Thank you! Natasha
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    Shaun T Focus T25

    I have never done Insanity or Asylum, so I'm not really familiar with Shaun T. I was perusing the Beach Body website on youtube and saw that he has a new workout series coming this Summer. Check it out! Focus T25 | Beachbody Focus T25 Workout | Focus T25 Fitness - YouTube It looks really good...
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    Skinny Mom Q&A w/Cathe!

    I just came across this interview today: Celeb Fit Mom: Cathe Friedrich's Fitness Advice | Skinny Mom | Tips for Moms | Fitness | Food | Fashion | Family Enjoy!
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    4DS LI & HI Step

    I just wanted to say how much I love these two complex step routines. Something about them leaves me smiling and happy :). The music is darn fabulous too :cool:. I just recently had to put my cat down :( and I have been in a grieving state this past week. My boy meant so much to our family, and...
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    Help me chose a new LB workout!

    Help me choose a new LB workout! (why can't typo's in the title be corrected? :mad:) Calling all hardcore LB w/o enthusiasts :eek:. I'm feeling antsy for a new LB workout, so I know you guys are the right ones to help me decide which *1* (yes only one ;)) to add to my collection. Here is...
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    Stomp FX

    For all you step lovers, check this out! stomp fx V12.1 with Neil Bates - YouTube These workouts are awesome :eek:. So far I've done 3 from Neil Bates (V12.2, V12.1, V11.2). Youtube is a wonderful place :D. Enjoy!
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    Q about FBC Resistance Bands 3pk

    Regarding these bands: Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes Can anyone please tell me if the BLUE one is the same resistance/length Cathe uses in Xtrain? I would much rather buy this 3pk set than the individual blue one. Please and thank you!!!! Natasha
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    Which 100RC's have you done so far?

    I'm absolutely loving these 100RC's! Thank you Cathe for this awesome feature :cool:. So far, I have done the Lying Tricep Extensions and Hip Thrusts. Both of them were extremely challenging and gave me days worth of DOMS :D. This week I hope to knock out some biceps and shoulders :eek...
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    Xtrain 30-Day Rotation (strength only)

    I saw this in the w/o manager and now I'm very intrigued :eek:. My question is for anyone who has done a 6X/week strength only rotation of any kind, what results did you obtain? Did you add cardio? Please share your experiences! Thank you, Natasha
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    Xtrain Bi's & Tri's + 100RC Tricep Extensions

    Xtrain Bi's & Tri's Awesome workout packing an effective punch in 40min :eek:. It's like Cathe took the best exercises from STS and combined them. My most favorite exercise (I'm so happy Cathe included them), is bicep curls and tricep kickbacks w/tubing. The change in tempo along with the...
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    Lifting heavy and "bulk"

    Xtrain features a User's Guide which addresses this issue. Here is a short quote taken from it: "Men have known the benefits of heavy lifting for decades, but some woman shy away from lifting weights. When they do head over to the weight rack, they lift weights that aren't heavy enough to...