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    Success!!! A whole year of Cathe workouts without missing a single day!

    Www...that's amazing. Happy to hear that. Cathe always have been a great inspiration for my sis who got pregnant last year and been following cathe without missing a sing day. After her, here I'm to follow Cathe during my pregnancy....This has been a great inspiration to all the women out her.
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    Protein Powder in Pregnancy

    I think you must consult your gynaec first prior you consume any protein powder. All the protein powder with a specific brand need not be healthy for the foetus. It can be harmful. I would recommend to discuss with your doctor or experts before you have any which was recommended by someone who...
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    Girls Gone Strong Article on Prenatal Exercise

    Hey MomInVT...thanks a lot for sharing this article with us. This read is definitely gonna be very useful for gals who are newly to be mum. From the very next itself I'm gonna try all of those workouts, undoubtedly. BTW I'm 3 months pregnant with my first child and very excited about it.
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    Breastfeeding classes for the mum-to-be

    Hey mommies, this is my first time in this forum and really have no idea whether this is the right spot to speak on this. I'm 5 months pregnant and planning a homebirth for our first baby, due in December. My husband has already signed me up for the prenatal breastfeeding training classes in...