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  1. ShyWolf

    Daily Check - In Saturday, 8/1

    Good Morning Ladies! I have been dealing with lack of a better word very poor internet service that likes to tease us it is on one minute then off - sometimes my kids have better luck than me and can stay on longer before they get cut off. This issue happens every summer and gets better as the...
  2. ShyWolf

    ☼ May 09 Checkin 23rd - 25th * Memorial Day Weekend ☼

    Just getting us started - surprise :p
  3. ShyWolf

    March 09 : Weekend Check In ::: 28 /29 :::

    Just getting it started
  4. ShyWolf

    ♠♠ March Check In ♠ Weekend Report 14/15th ♠♠

    Just getting us started :)
  5. ShyWolf

    ♦♦ March Check In ♦ Tues. 10th ♦♦

    Just getting it started ;)
  6. ShyWolf

    ♥♥ March Check IN ♥ Mon. 9th ♥♥

    Just getting us started this Monday morning. Looks like we will be up to 79 degrees today woo hoo! :) Loving it! Today I will be doing CLX's Burn Circuit 3 and possibly some cardio outside :D Have a Wonderful Monday Everyone. I plan to BBL once I'm done w/ my workout. Big Hugs and take care.
  7. ShyWolf

    March Check IN ► Mon. 2nd ◄

    Good Morning! We just made it as far as not getting any snow to the dismay of my kids here but its cold. Up where DH works its snowing and icy so he's taking it slow & easy this morning and all the schools 1 1/2 hrs away are closed lol I took a few days off from working out as I was feeling...
  8. ShyWolf

    FEBRUARY CHECK IN ~*~ Friday 27 ~*~

    Good Morning Ladies! Getting this thread started. I hope you are all doing well. I think I will take another rest day today as I still feel a bit woozy but a whole lot better than yesterday. I don't have much time for personals right now as I need to get my sleepy kids moving so I'll BBL...
  9. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN ▲ Wed. 25 ▲

    Hello All! Did everyone have a good night? Ivy where do you sell your workout dvds? I have some that I may decide to sell one day myself. Chris gotta love that peppermint tea - I was feeling so 'off' yesterday that the tea helped alot. Thanks for sharing about wall hitting - I felt exactly...
  10. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN :::> Tues. 24 <:::

    Good Tuesday Morning! Hmmm what workout will I do today? LOL I'm not really sure honestly as I've been trying to use my Cathe dvds that I haven't touched in awhile so that is to be determined soon :P Or I may do one of my kettlebell workouts - decisions, decisions :rolleyes: I'm guessing...
  11. ShyWolf

    February 09 CHECK IN -->> Mon. 23 <<--

    Good Monday Morning! Welcome back Beth.... sounds like your and your family had a lovely time on the slopes :) Well I was able to see most of the Academy Awards last night and will finish watching today while I mop up my floors. I always enjoy watching the dresses and how everyone comes out...
  12. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN ☼ Weekend Edition 21-22 ☼

    Just getting us started for the weekend. :) Oy Cats need feeding BBsoon :o
  13. ShyWolf

    FEBRUARY CHECK IN ::: Friday 20 :::

    Good Morning! Happy Friday or for Chris perhaps OSIF is a better understatement? :p With talk of KM - I decided to do that one although KPC is my favorite kickbox dvd from Cathe I can't even remember when I did KickMax last so that's what I'll do today;) Joanne I hope that Zicam starts...
  14. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN [email protected]~ Thurs. 19th [email protected]~

    Howdy Doody Gang! :p So is everyone still snug in their beds sleeping? I've got the original Body Max planned - this one I have on vhs so I'm hoping the quality is still ok. Another night where my sleep got interrupted. I sure hope dh's & mine sleeping cycles get in some type of sync as I'm...
  15. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN *!* Wed. 18th *!*

    Happy Hump Day! Getting us rolling this morning. Did everyone sleep well? So what's planned for today? I'm going to do a Cardio Coach probably vol. 5 along with my Turkish Get Ups. Ivy Enjoy your visit w/ your mom :) Chris did you end up picking up that book? Isn't he th eguy who wrote...
  16. ShyWolf

    February 09 CHECK IN -->> Tues. 17th <<--

    Good Morning Ladies! Just getting us started. How is everyone? Ivy did you get your workout in this morning already? :) Today I'm not sure if I'll do a circuit or TM run. Didn't get much sleep last night as DH was restless and kept get up which or course did the same for me. He was so...
  17. ShyWolf

    FEBRUARY CHECK IN ~*~ Pre.Valentine Friday 13 ~*~

    Hey All! Just getting this ball rollin' Hope you all are doing well and that I didn't miss much yesterday. Although I did browse fairly quickly yesterday's post. Hottie have fun visiting your family back 'home' and getting in touch w/ your former HS teacher Cedie :) Beth well enjoy a...
  18. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN << Wed. 11 >>

    Let's get this check in rolling. Sorry I never got back online but such is life. I ended up having a wonderful run w/ CCv7 ~ I absolutely love that version and the music is just great for when I'm focusing on my run. I plan on a circuit w/o along looks like BootCamp for now w/ more ETK.
  19. ShyWolf

    FEBRUARY CHECK IN ::: Tues. 10 :::

    Good Morning! Just getting us started and thinking about doing a TM run :) Personals from Last Night: Ivy I hope you woke up feeling better and that cold has not gotten worse. Seems you had a good time at the Y Chris I totally forgot I have the perfect push ups ~ my ds has them somewhere in...
  20. ShyWolf

    February CHECK IN !*! Mon. 9 !*!

    Just getting us started :)