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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    DITTO! well said!
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    Repo, Funny....expensive pee pee! Totally agree. A friend of mine is currently taking Advocare supplements. I'm not going to bite or should I say swallow. S
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    Good Day, Has anybody tried Advocare? If so.....pros & cons. Thanks Sherry
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    LOVE!! My Peloton.:) Great addition to my home gym.
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    Barre workout

    Wow...I have lots of options to check out! Excited! Thanks! I had checked out Leah Sarago a few months back. She looks tough. I will be searching today ...Tracy Mallett & Suzanne Bowen PhyllisG, a friend of mine also recommened Physique 57. (she looks great). How long have you...
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    Barre workout

    Hello, I have tried all of Cathe's Barre workouts and I'm ready to expand my library. I'm looking for good basic/no nonsense/tough lower body I have enjoyed all of Cathe's and love results from this type of exercise. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Sherry
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    FYI: KCM fans

    Justine, I just recently purchased 2 of KCM dvd's, Muscle Definition & Plateau Buster. I have not tried the Plateau Buster yet. I loved was fun and challenging (based on your weight selection). There are 2 MD workouts on the disc, plus multiple premixes. I plan to...
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    Horizontal Conditioning Volume II

    Loneswaneast, Wow! and thanks for your reply. Your (this week) rotation is extremely helpful. I'm afraid I'm going to have to purchase some more DVD's from Sandra. LOL! Thanks Sherry
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    Another Ultimate Yogi question

    LizC7, I understand your dilemma. I have been struggling with wanting to do it all. I LOVE "UY". I work out 7 days a week. One of my days is UY (wish it could be more). Here is what I am thinking based on what Coaccontant23 & Taterkc suggest on another thread, (open discussion - HC). (I...
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    Horizontal conditioning and low impact rotation

    Hello Story1267, I would love to hear about your results with your rotation using HC & weights. Are you still working out with the HC dvd's? Sherry
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    Iron Yoga (Yoga With Weights)

    I'm bringing this idea back into the picture. With Yoga & Bands being a hot topic I think this is a great idea. Sherry
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    Horizontal Conditioning Volume II

    Hello Loneswaneast, Sorry I can't answer about a discount code. But I would love to know about your results with HC 101 and what other type of workouts you do along with HC. I have the "Getting Started" disc and love it. I like this style of working out but I'm afraid to give up my...
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    Another Ultimate Yogi question

    I agree 110%. The UY progam is so worth it!!! Justine...when you did the 108 program..did you continue doing other workouts? I only have time for approx. 60 mins a day for workouts. So I only do one of the UY disc 1 time a I do UY on my recovery week. My body says thank you...
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    Leg workout

    Wow, Thanks for the suggestions. I have them all..except "Meaner Legs". I am going to have to check that one out. Sounds like fun! I have never tried the Barre workouts but I will now. Swimmer, I will try your suggestions...Plyo followed by barre. I tried the Great Glues & Lean Legs...
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    Leg workout

    Hello, I am staring STS Meso 2 again. Last couple of attempts I gained weight & size. This time I am going to very carefully count/watch what I put in my mouth. Clean Clean Clean eating!!!! Looking forward to the program. Question....What is your favorite leg workout other than STS legs...
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    Pyramid II (sort of)

    BUMPING! I love this idea. Sherry
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    Peri menopause

    Hello ladies, I'm there with you. Any suggestions for being tired all the time. My periods are irregular & hot flashes are mild so far. But I just can't handle this sluggish foggy feeling. It is driving me crazy. I eat clean and do not take any meds or vitamins. Any suggestions...
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    At a standstill

    Missy...I second what has already been said here......clean up your eating and start with something you enjoy. Don't make it a chore/dread factor. There is alot of information out there and it can be confusing. What works for one may not work for another. Just get started and enjoy...
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    Pilates DVD suggestions

    Thanks Stacy. We watched the sample. Good Stuff. on a funny note....I told my hubby "look you will like him his hair looks like yours, LOL!" Sherry
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    Pilates DVD suggestions

    Clare, Thanks....just watched the 10-20-30 video with Hubby. I got ..."Cool" I would like that. I'm also going to check out Men's Heath. Thanks Sherry