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    Neck muscle pull

    I pulled some neck and shoulder muscle trying to do 15lb overhead shoulder press. My left side suffers because its weaker. I have put heating pad on it, hot tub'd, massaged it myself and been to the chiro. He helped but I haven't gone back. I have had to really lay off the weights because it...
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    Pedal Power DVD Request!

    Cathe - I would love it if you could do some shorter premixes on this next spin dvd. The last one has a 41 min. cycle express I'm trying tomorrow. I just don't always want to do a whole hour of spinning. So..pretty please??? Maybe 30 or 45 minute choices? Also - I just re-read what I have...
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    MMA Boxing - Abs-a-screaming!

    Hi - I did MMA Boxing yesterday which I've done before. However, this time, when we do the sit-ups, I used what Cathe used - the 10 lbs. (I usually use the 8's.) What a difference. Everytime I moved last night and especially today, I can so feel my abs!! It feels good to know I worked 'em...
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    Speed of Workout Manager Loading

    I would love to see the Cathe workout manager load alot faster. I know there is much info that the system is pulling in, but it is quite cumbersome. Thanks for all you guys do!! :D
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    Not able to edit workouts in WM

    I am unable to check off when my workout is complete, nor can I change anything in the calendar. Seems WM won't accept any changes at this time.
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    Help! Re-doing One Rep Max

    I would like to re-take my one rep max counts for STS. I know how to change them on the workout card. I just want to know what is the best way so I can just reprint all STS workouts with the new weight selections. If I just go in to the STS One-Rep Test and re-test for all of them, will they...
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    Holy "Structure" Batman!! with WW

    Well, I decided I needed some good ole' STS structure. This program always gives me what I need to really get "structured". I always work out, no problem, have all Cathe dvds (just about;)) and watch what I eat. However.....since I turned 50, something has happened to my body and I DON'T...
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    Posting workouts on Facebook - Not! :)

    My workouts post on Facebook - how do i stop that? Thanks in advance.
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    I lift things up and put them down!

    ;) I just finished up the last of my STS Meso 3 disks which included the squat rack series. Yay!:eek: Every time I went to my workout basement area (and was anticipating the heavy weights) I said "I lift things up and put them down" ...just like the Planet Fitness commercial where they...
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    HiiT Workouts - calorie afterburn question

    Hi Cathe - My question is about the HiiT workouts and how to account for the calorie burn. The Workout Manager figures it at 10 mets for 312 calories. My Polar Watch figured it at about 220 (cuz I couldnt do everything as wild as you guys). However, if I leave my Polar watch on for the next 1/2...
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    Ever heard of the Calorie Coach?

    I recently found the "Calorie Coach" which was an advertisement on the side of my Facebook page. It has a fit-looking girl in the picture so I thought I would see what it was about. The Calorie Coach is a guy - and he really knows his stuff! He also re-iterates alot of how Cathe works us out...
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    Name your fat spot! I did!!

    Hi y'all, I just wanted to share with you a funny thing. This morning, as I headed down to my basement for another fat-burning workout, I thought about this STUPID little FAT POUCH I have in my lower abs that I have been fighting to get rid of for so long! So, I figured I'd get tough and...
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    Turbo Barre is a Masterpiece

    I can genuinely say that I said that out loud last night about 2/3 of the way into it. The moves are all so effective and different. You can really feel whatever muscle Cathe's targeting. I knew I would really be interested in this workout because of the stretching, strengthening and...
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    Great idea for rotations for Cathe

    Cathe, I was thinking what fun it would be, and what a great help it would be to you too, if you asked the Cathletes to come up with a rotation. Maybe do a contest with some sort of incentive (like the Success Stories and the Recipes). You could use one of these rotations to substitute in...
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    Need advice-stubborn college kid and weight gain!

    Hi all, I need advice! I have a wonderful almost 19 yr old daughter, 1st year of college down. My dilemma is that before she went to college, the last year of high school, she started packing on the pounds. I know why - she eats too much, the wrong things (carbs, sugar, salty, etc). She...
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    Editing Profile weight ticker

    I set up a weight loss ticker thing that shows in my signature. I don't know how to move the slider to reflect that I actually have lost weight. Either that, or possibly remove it from my signature. Help! Thanks.
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    Injury-Recovery Advice!

    A few weeks ago I was doing the B&G abs section doing the weighted oblique twists with weighted ankles raised one at a time. Well, I felt kind of weak in my left side so I figured you know, I'm stopping early with that before I hurt myself... Well, a couple days later I really felt pain in my...
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    Question about re-doing 1RM

    I would like to re-do my 1RMs for next year since I have greatly improved my strength/abilities. I would imagine if I re-do the 1RM and re-print the STS workout cards that the new 1RM will populate. However, throughout my workouts, sometime I have reset the 1RM in say STS card 25. So, those...
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    Spinning dvds - recommendations?

    Where can I find some good, challenging spinning dvds for my husband? He just bought a nice spinning bike, but we're having hard time locating what would be the same as taking a class at the gym. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Changing Weight icon thing...

    I have a weight icon thing at bottom of my signatures. Cant find out how to change the # on the scale.. can anyone please help me? Thanks!