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    Ice Revisited

    I don’t have on demand. I wish there was a DVD with all the muscle meltdowns and blizzard blasts in one place. Plus some fun premixes using them.
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    Another Thank You for the Lite Series

    Hi Cathe, I have been exercising with you for many years. I always gravitate towards cardio. This past year I have been adding weight workouts and doing a monthly rotation with your dvds. This has helped tremendously with my weight workouts not being skipped. Ice was perfect for me. My upper...
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    Calorie Crushes

    ChelePA Join Date: Jan 2017 Combined all the warm-ups and calorie crushes today. So much fun and challenging! I used weighted gloves for the boxing, the blue firewalker loop for bands/loops challenge and I also used my step for the warm-up on cardio party. Loving these new workouts!!!
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    Future Step. So happy ❤️

    From Facebook I plan to have a small step segment for the Low Impact Cardio Party "CALORIE CRUSH" segment ...but in case you missed seeing this anywhere I will post it here: A special note to all of our step lovers out there! We have not forgotten about you. After seeing such an overwhelming...
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    FitSplit review

    Finally finished all of the workouts for FitSplit. I really like the format. Especially since I have been on break from Cathe for a month. I would say the intensity is slightly more than Ice. For those of you who can match her upper body weights, wow! Sometimes I am at half her weight. The upper...
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    Finally conquered PRS#1 premix

    I have PRS#2. And always avoided the premixes with PRS#1. But this weekend, I decided to give it a go. . And after a few tries was able to do the routine with no issues. Lots of fun! Now I might get the first one. I love step and enjoy Cathe' s routines the most.
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    Loving the older workouts

    I just acquired Body Max 2, Drill Max and Boot Camp. Loving these workouts and the music too. The premixes are great for shorter workouts.
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    Drill Max

    I am not big of weight only workouts. I try to do one at least weekly. So I started doing more circuit workouts. Just got Drill Max...Love it!!! Also have Flex Train, Supercuts, Ice, S&S, Terminator, Crossfire and a few with bonus circuits. Any other favorites?
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    Any other instructors with similar step workouts?

    I really love step for a fun workout. Are there any instructors similar to Cathe with good music? I wish Cathe would make another like of my favorites!
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    Any one use Gin Miller's KUSHH

    It's a new soft step...looks interesting for a different challenge on balance. But it's expensive! Would love reviews???
  11. C forum

    Anyone a member? I joined before Christmas and they still haven't activated my account. I sent two emails with no response. Wondering what to do?
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    Awesome premix S&S Bootcamp with abs

    Really like this premix..with abs mixed in versus the end of the workout. How about those complex planks! I was able to match Cathe' s weight for most exercises which is rare for me. My step was also slightly higher and I felt it! Great workout today!
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    Love ICE Bootcamp

    I got the new S & S series but my dh also bought me Ice Bootcamp. I read a review where someone thought it was easy. Well not for me :) I am more advanced in cardio but not weights. Loved this workout! I have really enjoyed the three workouts I have in the Ice series. May look into the...
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    What does everyone think of the music for S&S series?

    I have done boot camp and cardio slam...I really miss the older music. I even like the Ice music (i have Rockm Sockm and low impact) but for these two sort of fades in the background and doesn't motivate me. Oh well....I love both workouts but I really wish I liked the music.
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    Downloads..are there premixes and chaptering?

    Planned on buying some Ice downloads for 40 percent off...what do you get with downloads? Thanks!
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    Cathe live vs. Gym

    Thinking of canceling my gym membership for Cathe live. The one thing I will miss is the cycling class..but all the other classes don't really offer variety. Same thing weekly except one instructor but she mostly teaches at 6 am...and that's never going to happen :) What do you think? Hoping my...
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    How to check speed for Cathe live

    I have an do I check my connection to see if the speed would work for Cathe live? My basement is hit and miss...So I want to know before I order. Thanks!!
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    Fun Friday

    I always try to choose a workout that has a fun factor for Friday...although I enjoy doing most of Cathe's workouts...step has always been a favorite of mine since the 80s. Today I did combos from Step Jump Pump, Step Blast and I did all of Party Rockin Step 2 (love this one!!!). What's your...
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    I'm such a weakling :)

    Many times I'm not even close to lifting what Cathe does. Just got Flex Train and for many of the moves my weight was lower...sometimes much lower. I definitely need to work my upper body more.
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    Cathe's article on cortisol...anyone else with elevated levels?

    Diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost 2 years ago. Just now starting to get my levels to normal...finally found a good doctor to work with. I use the saliva test to check my cortisol levels...well they have been elevated this past year. Reading Cathe's article made me realize that my exercise...