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  1. purple_magada

    Getting Back in the Game ~ FRIDAY 3/27

    Good morning ladies! I thought I’d start the thread today. Jodi ~ enjoy bootcamp today! I really envy you – you get your workout done and out of the way and I’ve got my workout on my “to do” list for tonight. Diane ~ did you get up and get in an a.m. workout today? Robin ~ I’m coming to...
  2. purple_magada

    Liann & all reptile owners - questions

    My 7-year old son has really developed an interest for reptiles. He has been begging me to let him get a lizard - why I'm totally fine with. I've never owned one before so what am I getting myself into? What type would you recommend? Any info you could share would be great. Thanks!
  3. purple_magada

    correct weight for 1RM?

    This may be a silly question but . . . when I am inputting the weight into the workout manager for a specific exercise and I'm using dumbbells, do I put in the amount of just one dumbbell or the total amount? For example, if I use (2) 15lb dumbbells for standing over head press do I put the...
  4. purple_magada

    Hate ~ July 21

    Hey haters. Not sure who all is checking in as of yet. I know that August has gotten her password, what about the rest of youse??? Jennifer - thinking of you this a.m. when you had to go back to work today. That week sure flew by, didn't it? Jen - hey you! Only 2 more weeks of OT...
  5. purple_magada

    HATERs, June 5

    Morning all. Figured I'd get this going since August is busy working. Don't want to interrupt her work flow b/c we all know how she likes to PROCRASTINATE!!! Yesterday I did not feel like working out but I told myself, just get down the basement and do something, anything. So I decided to...
  6. purple_magada

    HATE June 3

    Hey haters. Just starting the post this a.m. Where the heck is everyone???? Yesterday's workout was 2 walks totaling 6 miles. Have a great day all! I'll try to BBL.
  7. purple_magada

    HATERS, April 24

    Hey haters. Just starting the thread, I'll BBL. Wait til I tell you where I am going for my b-day in August. Ya'll are gonna die (either from laughing or disgust). HA!
  8. purple_magada

    Keswick Theatre???

    Have any of you been to the Keswick Theatre near Easton, Pa? A friend of mine and I are planning on going to a show there this summer and I was wondering what the location/neighborhood is like? The show is at night and I always get a little paranoid going to strange places in the dark.
  9. purple_magada

    Weekend of HATE

    Morning haters. See, I started today's thread for the entire weekend. HA!! So Jennifer, how was your day off yesterday? Diane - OMG your little Ella is beautiful. I love her big, blue eyes. I cannot believe how big she is already. So when you say that you are having family come over...
  10. purple_magada

    ? re: combining 4DS

    I am currently doing the weight segments from 4DS. Since there is a LB premix that includes the calve work, that leaves just shoulders from that workout. So my question is, would it be better to add the shoulders to Chest/Back or to Triceps/Biceps? I was adding it to Chest/Back but just...
  11. purple_magada

    HATE ~ Saturday 3/1

    Hey haters! Happy 1st Day of March!!!! Michele - I checked out your Classical Stretch. That looks like something that I would enjoy doing in the mornings. I keep saying that I want to do morning workouts but can't drag myself outta bed. That looks totally doable for a morning workout...
  12. purple_magada

    HATE, Thurs 2/28/08

    Hey haters, I see nobody started the thread today? Guess I will. Jennifer - OMG I can't believe that someone would go through your drawers and purge stuff. That is downright rude!!!! I'm fuming and I'm not even you. LOL. Honey, you really need to find a new job. One where you are...
  13. purple_magada


    Do NOT go and see this movie!!!! My son & I went last night and I wish we would've stayed home. It was by far one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. It was along the same lines as Blair Witch Project, as if someone was filming it was a video camera so the screen was moving the entire...
  14. purple_magada

    HATERS, Dec 17

    There, the post has been started. Nothing exciting to post though. All the kids here have a 2 hour delay. I made it in ok although there were some icy spots. So, did ya ever wonder what would happen if you put regular dish washing liquid in your dish washer? Well, wonder no more. It...
  15. purple_magada

    How to clean a scorched pot???

    Yesterday I was going to make filled raisin cookies, forgot I had them on the stive and they burnt to the bottom of the pot. I cannot get the black off the bottom of the pot. I tried (and failed at all of these): First just brillo & dawn dish detergent Then, baking soda Then, baking...
  16. purple_magada

    **HATERS** Monday, November 26th

    Good morning haters!!! I’ve been so busy lately that I thought I better stop in and visit my fellow haters! I miss you all!!! Michele – I KNEW that your Thanksgiving meal would be a success. Why did you even doubt yourself??? Silly!! I bet you’re officially nominated to make it...
  17. purple_magada

    HATE ~ Nov 12

    Hey ladies. Where the heck is everyone? I can't believe that I have beat you all here. Did HATE die??? Sorry I have been MIA lately but between work and home I am ready for the nuthouse. Let me say hello to everyone before I get going on my week. Jennifer – sounds like you and this guy...
  18. purple_magada

    HATE, Tuesday Aug 14

    Hey haters! Wow, I can't believe that I actually started this post today. Sorry I’ve been MIA since Friday, I’ve been super-busy here at work. There is NO light at the end of the tunnel. None in sight whatsoever. I’ve given up even thinking that! So I had a really nice, quiet weekend. I...
  19. purple_magada

    Calling all HATERS, 7/31

    Hey haters. Wow, nobody started this thread yet????? Even though my b-day is tomorrow, my boss made me the most delicious homemade sticky buns and I ate 2, yes 2 and am not going to feel the least built guilty. She makes me them every year. She actually made them this a.m. and they were...
  20. purple_magada

    Hot Air Ballooning?

    Have any of you gone hot air ballooning? I looked into it and it would cost about $400 for 2 people. The balloon adventure is about 4-5 hours. My DH has no desire to go so I told my 6-year old that "if" I go, he's going. We're saving our change and if by dumb luck we save $400, I'd like to...