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    DVD home screen loading options?

    So far, I have done 4 of the workouts (Cardio Party, Stacked Upper Body, Stacked Lower Body, Rev'd Up Rumble) and they have been wonderful, and I am so grateful to Cathe and crew once again. Also, I am happy to see the introduction back, because it is fun to have Cathe talking to us again. :-)...

    Body Max 2 missing from Workout Manager?

    For some reason today I am unable to find Body Max 2 in the drop down list under DVD. I see the Body Max 2 Bonus Cardio, but not the main workout. I am sure I've selected it in the past. for now, I will select Body Max as today's workout.

    Substitutions for Feb 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation?

    Hi Cathletes, Looking for some advice from the experienced folks on this forum, as I am going to attempt the Feb 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation for the first time, but missing the following DVDs: STS Cardio HiiT STS Plyo Legs STS Total Body Isolation and Compound STS Ab Circuits I was thinking...

    Any runners incorporating To The Mat floor workouts?

    I was a long time runner from my 20s to my mid 40s until I was beset by Achilles and hip issues. I gave up running for a few years (concentrating on Cathe workouts and strength training) and my injuries healed. Since then, I have committed to doing 1 tough 5k (very hilly and up a canyon) and 1...

    Am I the only one who watches the introductions over and over?

    I was just curious if anyone else watches the short introductions that Cathe used to include on her workouts, but did not provide for ICE and SANDS. Even in the cases in which I have had the workouts for many years and done them many times, I almost always play the introduction while I set up...

    New Forum Category idea: Discussion by workout series?

    Hi Cathe, Thanks to your terrific "Deal of the Day" option, I have been able to obtain many of your older DVDs, and I just love them! However, I find that when I finish them, I am in a frame of mind to see how others feel too, and jump online to find discussions from past and/or present...

    Calorie counts not showing when adding workouts to Workout Manager

    I am introducing a friend of mine to the wonderful world of Cathe, but after creating an account for her and showing her how to add workouts and rotations to the Workout Manager calendar, all of her workouts show 0 calories. She is using Chrome, but so do I and I have never seen this behavior...

    STS Total Body Workout missing from Workout Manager?

    I just did the STS Total Body Workout for the first time today, but cannot find it in the DVD list of the Workout Manager. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    DVD icons not showing in Workout Manager after loading rotation?

    Has anyone else tried loading the "Getting Started With Ripped With HiiT (30 days)" rotation in the Workout Manager calendar? I loaded it this morning, but the icons did not show up in the calendar. Thinking that I somehow clicked Close instead of Save and Exit, I ran through the wizard again...