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  1. Heidisue

    How long are the workouts on Terminator DVD?

    I am super excited to try the Terminator DVD. I was wondering how long each premix is?
  2. Heidisue

    Its all good cookbook?

    Wondering if anyone has made something out of Gwyneth Paltrow's cook book "Its all good"? Looks really yummy. Wondering which recipe to try first.
  3. Heidisue

    Skipping a day in the middle of a rotation on my calendar?

    I sometimes need to take a day off in the middle of a rotation. What is the easiest/ right way to do this? For now, in my calendar, I have to click and drag every workout after that day and move it to the right day. This takes a long time. Is there a better way to do this?
  4. Heidisue

    workout with the sandbag

    I would love to see Cathe make a workout using a sandbag.
  5. Heidisue

    1RM question...

    So is it best to do some of the 1RM test exercises one day and a few more another,etc.? Not sure what the best way to do this is.
  6. Heidisue

    Where is the Barre work on Lower Body Blast?

    Did I blink and miss it? I just previewed the workout and can't find the bonus barre workout??? Help!
  7. Heidisue

    At what point... did you ditch the bad foods?!?

    I am just curious about some of your stories of how you became a clean eater? Lately I have been noticing all the bad foods I snack on during the day (I am a carb junky!). How did you do it? How did you cross over?
  8. Heidisue

    What to eat post cardio workout?

    I am just curious what ya'll eat after a good cardio workout? I have been doing Turbo fire and didn't buy the recovery drink. I am trying to lose 10 pounds and I know that after a workout is the best time to refuel. Any ideas?
  9. Heidisue

    Question about Intermediate and beginner rotation?

    I posted this in the Rotation forum but may get more response here..... I use to do Cathe a while ago, I had a baby and never made it back till now. It's probably been 2 years. I am thinking of doing the Intermediate rotation but I do not have the Low Impact Step or Body fusion DVD's. What...
  10. Heidisue

    Question about Intermediate and beginner rotation?

    I use to do Cathe a while ago, I had a baby and never made it back till now. It's probably been 2 years. I am thinking of doing the Intermediate rotation but I do not have the Low Impact Step or Body fusion DVD's. What can I sub for these? Also, do you think I should start with the beginner...
  11. Heidisue

    How can you drink Green tea?!?! YUCK!

    I have tried it twice and I can't stand the taste! What brand or what do you do so it tastes good? I know it is extremely good for you so I'm trying to like it but it just doesnt taste good to me. Any help?
  12. Heidisue

    Smoothies for children?

    I was just wondering if you add protein powder in your smoothie when you make them for your kids too (if it's for you and them)? Is this safe for them? Are there good recipes out there and what kind of protein powder is best?
  13. Heidisue

    Tried Brazil Butt Lift "Bum Bum"

    I love it! This workout is so fun! I was surprised at how bad I was sweating through it. The workout is really fast paced. Not super hard like Cathe but a good workout. I guess I just didn't know what to expect. I am trying to get back in shape, I have been really lazy for the past year and need...
  14. Heidisue

    Rock bottoms updated version?

    I want to do June 06' Rock Bottoms rotation but was wanting to use some of Cathe's newer workouts. Can any of you help me? Here is the link. I would greatly appreciate it. I have all of her workouts except Terminator, Basic Step and Basic Fusion...
  15. Heidisue

    What about N.O. Xplode?

    I have been debating on buying this or not. Has anyone ever tried it before?
  16. Heidisue

    So if I am on the South Beach Diet...

    phase 1, then what can I eat for breakfast before working out? I would think I need some sort of carbs or would I be okay with my usual egg and veggie omelet? I have been wanting to do SB for a while (worked great for my husband) since I am a carb and sugar junkie! Any ideas are greatly...
  17. Heidisue

    Substitute for Body Fusion?

    I am doing the intermediate rotation and don't have the DVD "Body Fusion". I was wondering what a good substitute would be for that? Thanks so much, Heidi.
  18. Heidisue

    Herbal life or any protein supplements?

    I am just getting back into working out and my personal trainer mentioned using herbal life. Have any of you used the shakes? Do they work? If you don't use Herbal Life, what brand of protein powder do you use? I don't want to gain TONS of muscle, but I would like to see results a little...
  19. Heidisue

    Oxygen vs Muscle fit for her magazine?

    I want to buy a subscription to one of these but can't decide. Which one do you like better and why?
  20. Heidisue

    Power Max?

    I am just starting the July rotation and I can't find this workout? What DVD is it on? Also, I'm looking for MEga Step Blast. Is it on SJP/SB?