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    So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

    I was at the gym again, doing Cathe’s ICE Metabolic workout and I saw a woman using a kettlebell. Her legs were a part, but the way she was like throwing it up and down. Well not really throwing it, but it looked like you could hurt yourself. That is why I love that Cathe doesn’t use them. They...
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    Is this wrong to use an resistance band

    I was at the gym, doing my Cathe step and I saw a trainer showing a woman to put the resistance band around her neck. I thought he was wrong to let her squat like this. It look similar to this, but it was really around her neck. What do you all think?
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    Christmas Music On Cathe Live?

    I was thinking about when you do your Christmas Live, that you could add Christmas Music to it. I don’t know if it is really expensive to use Christmas Music in Live, but I think it would be fun to have it. Thank You For Everything You Do, Jennifer Denny
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    On demand Bosss bans

    Wondering why the Boss Band Workout isn’t working in Demand?? Thank You, Jennifer Denny
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    Stimulus Check

    I got my stimulus check!!! Wondering if anyone else did! That was fast. Jennifer Denny
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    Got Cathe Calendar 2021??

    Hi Everyone!! I got my Cathe Calendar 2021!! I was surprised how fast I got it! It said it was in the mail, Monday 14th and I got it today, Wednesday 16! I didn't do any special handling!! Jennifer Denny
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    Glassboro Road Trip 2021??

    Wondering if there will be a real RoadTrip this July 2021?? Since they are giving out vaccines in January 2021, is Cathe going to have a in person RoadTrip next year 2021?? Thanks, Jennifer Denny
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    Got My Cathe Gear

    Hi Everyone!! I got me Cathe Gear I ordered! Got my loops, which is the variety pack of 4, the stretchy band (red), the stability ball and Cathe 'a Low Impact Circuit DVD!!! But, NO 2021 Calendar!! From my experience of Cathe's Calendars the come out way later! So those that don't get it don't...
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    Zazzle Cathe Products

    Hi Everyone!! On you can make products that has the Cathe logo. I made 2 bumper stickers and a water bottle. They already made the bumper stickers and shipped them. Still waiting for them. The water bottle still waiting on. This is what they look like.
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    Cathe's New Gear

    Cathe's new gear is already up on her website. I found this gem. If you would like a Cathe t-shirt you can go to and put in the search engine Cathe Friedrich . It comes up with many t shirts with Cathe's logo and other items, like mugs, and other items. I found this out on her...
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    Just did Mobility Basics! My advice is please watch this once before doing. There are many mobility moves on this workout that are very new, so please watch once! The beginning is pretty straightforward. You are stand doing arm rolls and moving the neck side to side. The new move is you hand on...
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    Cathe Virtual Road Trip

    In the NewsLetter, Cathe has announced a she will have a Virtual Road Trip! It will be on Zoom! As for me, I will not be attending. I don't like Zoom. I would rather go to an actual Live RoadTrip! I know because of COVID-19 there probably won't be a Road Trip for a long time. I was fortunate...
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    Cathe Calendar 2021 and New Cathe Gear

    Hi Everyone!!! If you haven't read the newsletter Cathe is starting her Pre-Order for her 2021 Calendar on October 26th, this year!!! And she is selling new at home equipment! From what I got from the newsletter, new bands and other items!!! I can't wait! If I could ask Cathe to have one item...
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    What Happens To Cathe's Shoes After Workout Series Is Over

    Hi! I noticed that Cathe wears many workout shoes with her workout series! I was wondering where do they all go??? Do they have to go back to the manufacture or does Cathe gets to keep them?? And if she does I wonder what her closet looks like?? Sorry to be nosey! But, I have noticing that...
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    Youtube Cathe Live #8

    Hi Everyone!! I set up a YouTube Channel. I did Cathe Live #8 and I put it on YouTube. You can go to YouTube search: Jennifer Denny Cathe Live #8 (45 Mins) I did it at my home on my iPhone. I love step. There may be a glitch during the middle of it. I wanted to make a YouTube Video because...
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    My Birthday March 19

    Hi Everyone! As you all know because what is happening in the world Cathe Live seems to be in limbo. Around January 2020, before everything happened I was planning to come to do Cathe Live on my birthday March 19. I planned on making a T shirt and booked the hotel rooms. I planned to drive to...
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    Cathe Live #279, #213 and Cathe DVD Step Fit

    Hi Everyone!! When you begin the first combo of Cathe Live #279 and #213, she does a jumping jack on the step, and then she moves her right leg down the step and up and then her left leg down the step. She does a modified jumping jack. In #279, she goes into a grapevine and then put her foot to...
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    Party Rockin Step #2

    Hey Everyone!!! Just did Party Rockin Step #2! I thought it would be a little bit easier because it isn't as dancie as Party Rockin Step #1, but I was wrong! If you have done Cathe Live Step, it has Salute Lunges, and Burpees (on the Step, but not a lot). If you are bored with your other Step...
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    Low Max

    I recently did Low Max again, I can't believe how amazing it is.. I told Cathe at the Daytona 2019, how I really like Low Max and ask her how she got the idea. I think she thought I was a little crazy how much I really liked it! No, I am not suggesting another Step DVD because we already have...
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    PHA 3 Step Platform

    I did PHA 3. I have a hard wooden floor and I was wondering did anyone have any problems with the step platform by itself moving. There are some exercises that Cathe uses the bench itself and I noticed my platform moved. Now, I know to use a mat for it. I was wondering if anyone had the same...