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  1. purple_magada

    Jeremy Piven--from Seinfeld to Entourage

    Wow - you can't even tell that's the same person.
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    Getting Back in the Game

    Hello ladies. I haven't posted in our thread for quite some time. I'm in such a funk lately. I hurt my back and I couldn't tell you the last time I worked out. My son and I were goofing around and I picked him up and somehow twisted my back. He weighs 73lbs and I'm used to acting silly with the...
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    Getting Back into the Game-Good Friday

    Hi ladies. Sorry I've been MIA this week. I've fallen off the wagon, am grouchy, PMSing, etc. So that's my story! Robin: Great job with your running. Where is the 5K you are thinking about? Yep, I'm off today and Monday. Was off yesterday too. Diane: 9-4 sound like FT hours to me...
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    What is on your Easter menu?

    We're going to my parents. I talked to my mom on Saturday and she said she is making: roast beef mashed potatoes/gravy stuffing corn broccoli creamed cucumbers coleslaw my son requested pumpkin pie I'm trying a new recipe for coconut cake and taking that.
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    I'm getting a dog!

    Aww what a cutie!!!
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    Getting Back in the Game on Monday

    Hi all. Robin ~ good job on the weight loss!!! Mary ~ enjoy your rest day. 70's huh? It is gloomy here today. Rainy and cloudy. I've been so busy - now I"m behind 2 workouts in STS. Hopefully I can one in tonight. Have a great rest of the day everyone!
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    I can't believe it?!?!

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    Getting Back in the Game -Tuesdsay

    Hi ladies. Diane - you must be overworked - you've got your days mixed up. I for one am glad it is Thursday and not Tuesday. Enjoy your workout tonight!!!! I thought you were only going back to work PT? Are they increasing the hours on you? Mary - hi!!! No, I"m not seeing any new muscles...
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    Stephanie Meyer & Twilight series

    Here they are in order: Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn The are kinda like romance/fantasy/drama. I really enjoyed them. They are written for young readers and there are no graphic sex details in the books. One of the books does have a slight sexual reference but you have to read...
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    Getting Back in the Game -- Happy April Fool's Day

    Good afternoon ladies. It is a very rainy afternoon here. I did get out for a walk during my lunch break - at that point it was just drizzly and windy. Now it is pouring - so much for getting in a walk tonight. I guess the 2-mile walk at lunch will be my workout for today since I won't be...
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    Getting Back in the Game Tuesday

    Good afternoon ladies!!! Diane ~ AWESOME job on your workout last night. See you're getting back in the game. I love the ab section of C&W. I've never seen either of the workouts you're talking about but doesn't seem right to copy someone else's work. Jodi, Mary, & Robin ~ what are you...
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    Getting Back into the Game on Monday

    Hi ladies!!! Diane - that looks good to me but what do I know. :p That wedding sounds amazing. Robin - dragracing officially starts the weekend after Easter. Gabe drove a jr dragster and he wrecked it. I didn't go over to the track - just DH and Gabe went. DH said the first run he took he...
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    Getting Back in the Game ~ FRIDAY 3/27

    Diane you HAVE to get 4DS - it is great!!!!
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    need vacation ideas

    My son (who will be 8 in April) go to Hershey Park every summer. It is really nice but we only live a bit over an hour from it. You also don't need to stay in Hershey although I'd love to stay at the Hershey Hotel. They are supposed to be putting in an indoor ice-skating rink this summer and...
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    Need help from those who have read the Twilight series

    I just finished the Twilight Series about 2 weeks ago and I'm looking for something else to read. I agree, The Hollows does sound good. What is the name of the first book? Thanks!
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    Getting Back in the Game ~ FRIDAY 3/27

    Good morning ladies! I thought I’d start the thread today. Jodi ~ enjoy bootcamp today! I really envy you – you get your workout done and out of the way and I’ve got my workout on my “to do” list for tonight. Diane ~ did you get up and get in an a.m. workout today? Robin ~ I’m coming to...
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    Getting Back in the Game 3/26

    Afternoon all! I'm really busy at work but thought I'd pop in and say hi!!! Tonight is STS #14, lower body. I sure hope that I have time to get it done. My son has baseball practice from 5:00-6:30 so we'll be eating a late dinner. Have a great evening all!
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    Getting Back in the Game 3/21

    Good afternoon ladies!!! Diane - the dinner that your DH didn't like sounds good to me!!! I probably would've sauteed the garlic and omitted the lemon zest. Yeah for you for getting up early to workout. What time did you start your workout? For YEARS I've been saying that I need to switch...
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    Getting Back in the Game 3/20

    Hi Diane! Here is a quick dinner but it isn't really clean. Buy a bag of the frozen cheese ravioli (or other pasta), boil them, and then add a jar of spag sauce and top w/mozz cheese and bake. Serve it with salad & bread. You'll have dinner in 30 min or less. :) What did you make last...