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    Good Day, Has anybody tried Advocare? If so.....pros & cons. Thanks Sherry
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    Barre workout

    Hello, I have tried all of Cathe's Barre workouts and I'm ready to expand my library. I'm looking for good basic/no nonsense/tough lower body I have enjoyed all of Cathe's and love results from this type of exercise. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Sherry
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    Leg workout

    Hello, I am staring STS Meso 2 again. Last couple of attempts I gained weight & size. This time I am going to very carefully count/watch what I put in my mouth. Clean Clean Clean eating!!!! Looking forward to the program. Question....What is your favorite leg workout other than STS legs...
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    Pilates DVD suggestions

    I currently have Ultimate Yogi - 108 days and Horizontal Conditioning - Getting Started. My dilemma.... I love them both my hubby does not like HC. (Makes his shoulders hurt.) Hubby is getting bored with weights. I am trying to find something in between Yogi & HC for some upperbody/core...
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    How to get Muscle Definition in my arms

    Hello, I have been out here seeking knowledge before. Here goes.... I have been working out faithly for approx 5 years. 5-6 days week. ( I have been working out my whole life but got serious about it 5 years ago- added weight training) I have gained muscle strength but no muscle...
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    Nike Training Air Max Fusion

    Looking for advise. Does anyone workout in this shoe? I just purchased them yesterday but still not sure. I have not worked out in them yet I cannot buy Ryka locally, but I am thinking about ordering them to compare. Any thoughts. I know there is a previous thread about the Ryka...
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    Homemade Yogurt Machine recommendations?

    Hello. Does anyone make their own and/ if so what machine do you use? Thanks, Sherry
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    Yoga Series (beginners to advanced)

    Cathe, Please come out with a Yoga series that ranges from beginners to advanced. 20 mins to 60 mins in length. I have and Love your LIS YogaMax & YogaRelax. I must confess and that I purchased 2 "Yoga Zone" Beginner DVD's for my hubby. It pained me to purchase someone else's...
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    100 Rep Challenges

    Hello, I would welcome any feedback on the 100 Rep Challenges. I would like to start incorporating them into my weekly workouts. I work 1 body part/cardio 6 times a week. Does anyone mix the 100 Rep Challenge into your routine? if so...How? and your results? Thanks Sherry
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    Cardio/one body part day Opinion Please

    Hello, Any thoughts and/or experience with cardio daily/one body part weight lifting? Pros/cons, advise and results...Please. I am currently into week 3 of XTrain 30 day cardio + strength combined. I like this!!!! Thanks, Sherry
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    Alpha-Gal Allergy

    Hello, Just checking to see if anyone has heard of this allergy (Alpha-Gal) or has this allergy. I developed this allergy last August from chigger bites. Would love to heard from others with this allergy. Sherry
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    User's Guide

    Cathe, Please include a User's Guide with the next set of workouts. I Love the Xtrain Guide. What a extremely helpful tool. LOVE XTRAIN....Thanks! Looking forward to the next group of workouts. I have my credit card ready for March 1st.:D Sherry
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    Need Advise from Cathlete's HELP!!

    OK HERE GOES......DH & I workout 5 days a week...have been doing a mix of Cathe's DVDs. Have not measured in a long time (big mistake!) Thought we had been working out pretty hard and eating clean (Not hard enough or clean enough). We are in our late 40's and in pretty good shape (so I...
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    Pyramid Total Body w/dumbbells

    Last week I pulled Pyramid Lower/Upper body off the shelf, (1st time). DH and I loved it!!!! What a GREAT way to exhaust the different muscle groups. None stop and fast moving! Would love and updated total body version. FUN!!!! Thanks, Sherry
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    Has anyone heard of Juice Plus+ ?

    A friend of mine has become a rep for this stuff. I am a firm believer in.... you get your vitamins from the foods that you eat. I am a fan of juicing but not a fan of buying prebottled juice. (we have a Jack Lalanne's juicer.. and love it) Has anyone heard or tried this stuff? I...
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    KEURIG Question?

    After reading all the talk and love for this machine...I have decided I WANT ONE!!!! But I have a dumb question? Which is the best oz size for the k cup? 6, 8, 9 10 oz. I found a Keurig Classic (must be older model, could not find on their site) at my local grocery store. It only has two...
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    would love a updated Leg Blast rotation

    I have just about all of Cathe's workouts. Would love a Leg Blast rotation using LIS & STS. Any suggestions? LOVE ALL OF THE LIS WORKOUTS!!!:D Butt & gutt is one of my favs. Thanks
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    Bosch Mixer for bread making

    Does anyone own a Bosch Mixer and make their own bread dough? I would love to make my own bread. Any thoughts and tips?? Thanks
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    Spin bike - Revmaster sport

    Does anyone own a Revmaster Sport spin bike. I'm looking for reviews ..pros/cons. I want to purchase a Spin bike. I have read good reviews on Amazon. Thanks!
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    Premix List

    I have LOTS of Cathe's workout dvds (love them all!) I was wondering if there is a list out there....for each workout program that provides a breakdown of the premix's for each DVD? I like the list on the newer workouts. Thank you Sherry